Winco Foods is Coming to Everett & Marysville, plus store match-ups

I have heard about Winco, but have never stepped foot in one, but looking at this flyer I think that will change real soon!  Boneless Ribeye’s $3.98/lb!  
Does Winco accept Manufactures Coupons? Here is the information I read right off Winco’s Coupon Policy Page

We gladly welcome manufacturer’s coupons that are scan-able into our system, this means that they must have a valid barcode that our system recognizes. Furthermore our stores must have the exact item on stock and all restrictions and requirements listed on the actual coupon must be met. This includes but is not limited to: Quantities (minimum required and maximum allowed). Sizes. Brand names and varieties of product. Valid and expiration dates. Locations where the coupon may be redeemed. Redemption value, etc.

In regards to internet coupons, WinCo Foods has approved the decision to accept (and limit) internet coupons that have a bar code and our scanners can match up a product code against. Internet coupons must also meet all of the requirements listed on this page and may be subject to an extra level of scrutiny at the registers with the goal of verifying their legitimacy. As with all coupons, WinCo Foods reserves the right to deny any coupon at any given time.

PLEASE NOTE: Select stores have implemented a one (1) coupon per item limit, this may include coupon “stacking,” “doubling,” etc. Furthermore, due to a high rate of coupon fraud, select stores have chosen to no longer accept internet coupons. If you have questions about any specific coupon please ask your store’s Customer Service department or any of our cashiers

I would only assume because the store is just opening up that we aren’t one of the “select” stores.  So lets behave ourselves and coupons ethically.  Just in case you didn’t know…making your own or copies of coupons is Fraud.  Using a coupon for a different item even though it scans is Fraud.  The nice thing about coupons is the store gets reimbursed and we want to make sure that happens.

Be sure to check out Winco’s Website for 7 Great Shopping Tips!   I also heard that you have to bag your own groceries so be prepared for that.

Remember that this is a GRAND Opening and these prices are amazing so expect lines, traffic and crazy people, just don’t be one of them πŸ˜‰

::Match-Ups from the Flyer

Bananas $0.18/lb
Russet Potatoes $0.68, 10 lb bag

Porrk Top Loin Chops $1.99/lb
use $1/1 Fresh Pork Tearpad (found at QFC, or Albertsons)
Total OOP: Varies

Fresh Boneless Beef Rib Eye Steaks $3.98/lb
Deli Rite Roast Beef $1.98/lb
Hormel Virginia Ham $1.98/lb
Large Muffins 6pk $2.98 each
Pumpkin Pies $2.48 each
Raw Shell On Shrimp $2.98/lb
Tilapia Fillets $2.48/lb

Pacific Foods Broth $1.48 
$1/1 printable
Total OOP: $0.48

Planters Walnuts $3.48/lb
Hy-Top Marshmallows $0.78 each

::Bulk Foods

Long Grain Rice $0.28/lb
Raw Whole Almonds $1.98/lb

::In Ad Coupons, must have the coupon to receive the deal

Assorted Varieties Coca Cola 12pk $1.98each, limit 2

General Mills Cheerio Cereal $0.98, limit 2
use $1/2 printable Coupon or from SS 10/31
Total OOP: $0.48 each

Langers Apple Juice $0.98, limit 1
Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce $0.48 each, limit 2
Lay Classic Potato Chips $0.98, limit 2
Tender Bird Chicken Breast $3.48 each for 3/lb package, limit 1
Green Giant Canned Vegetables $0.28, limit 2
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $0.38 each, limit 3
Brandon Medium Cheddar Cheese $2.98 each, limit 1
Cottonelle Bath Tissue $2.98

Now I would love some of your tips for those of you who have shopped at a Winco Store before.  This is new ground for me and I am sure many others.

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