Winco Bulk Price List – Time to share your deals!


Winco is a great place to shop, but because prices are not advertised it’s a hard store to do match ups for.  SO if you have found a deal recently at Winco it’s time to share – We will call this Winco Wednesday!

Reader Amy frequents the Wilsonville Winco in Oregon – here are the typical bulk prices she gets there (pricing may vary)

  • Cayenne Pepper 2.84/lb
  • Sea Salt .25/lb
  • Onion, Dried/Minced 3.29/lb
  • Dried Cranberries 3.67/lb
  • Cinnamon, Ground 2.22/lb
  • Gardettos 2.92/lb
  • Corn Nuts (ranch) 1.78/lb
  • Hazelnuts 5.88/lb
  • Peanuts, Roasted 2.88/lb
  • Walnuts 5.48/lb
  • Almonds 3.98/lb
  • Cashew, Pieces Roasted 5.98/lb
  • Golden Raisins 2.78/lb
  • Wheat Bread Flour .61/lb
  • White Bread Flour .47/lb
  • Panko Bread Crumbs 1.63/lb
  • Popcorn, White .83/lb
  • Oats, Old Fashioned .60/lb
  • Mini Chocolate Chips 2.25/lb
  • Dark Chocolate Chips 2.64/lb
  • Brown Sugar .86/lb
  • Powdered Sugar .69/lb
  • Honey 1.17 to 3.57/lb
  • Black Beans (dry) 1.10/lb
  • Lentils, Red 1.22/lb
  • Spaghetti .99/lb
  • Lasagna Noodles 1.51/lb

Have you gotten a great deal at Winco that you would love to share?  Leave in the comments or email CouponConnectionsNW at gmail dot com

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