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    When I first started to coupon I knew that I had to put out money in order to save money. I read on a few blogs that said it would be best to have 1 paper per family member. Well for me that was $9 a week (they have since raised the price, now I would have to pay $12!). Because I didn’t know if “couponing” would really work I started off buying three Sunday Newspapers. But then came Store promotions, Buy 10, Save $5 deals and I wish I had 10 papers! Why, you ask? Well take this scenario for an example: 

    Make it Easy Promo:
    Spend $20 get $5 OYNO

    Crystal Light is 2/$4 at Albertsons
    Buy 5
    Use 5 $1/1 coupons from SS 3/21
    Buy 2 Tide Stain Release $5.99
    Use $3/1 from RP 3/28
    Use 3 doubles
    Total OOP: $7.98, and receive a $5.00 Catalina
    Total Savings: $14

    Now if I only bought 3 papers then this transaction would not be able to happen. And the savings I received pays for my newspapers and I still have loads of coupons to use.

    Since I buy multiple papers per week I am able to create money saving scenarios each week. I also like the fact that I’m able to stock up on the items I need at a much faster rate. In the beginning of my coupon adventure I ran from store to store stocking up on this and that. Within six months I no longer needed to go to the store and get every deal. I shop less and save even more. I am also able to buy more organic items. Before, it just wasn’t even in my price range. Do I still get those 5 papers? Yes, because I am able to try more items for free or pennies that I normally wouldn’t buy.

    So would I coupon if I only bought one paper? NO WAY! It is a must to have multiple, for sure. Even if you are only a family of two I think it is a must. We all know someone we can give stuff too and this is a great opportunity to serve and love our neighbors.

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    Author: amber


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    47 Responses to “Why do I buy so many papers? | Coupon Training”

    1. Anonymous says:

      How many papers do you get?

    2. Coupon Connections NW says:

      I get 10 :) I have my brother living with us now who loves to eat my food :) So I fee a family of 7. The herald will only do this deal for 5 papers per house. so my gracious neighbor has allowed me to get them delivered to her house.

    3. LaVonne says:

      What a great deal. I wish the Skagit Valley Herald would do that ;)

      I have not bought the Sunday paper for 4 weeks straight! Crazy! Last week I ended up buying the specific coupons I would need from a coupon cutting website.

      Do you trade coupons ever? Like on Hot Coupon World?


    4. Anonymous says:

      Will they deliver to Federal Way?

    5. Coupon Connections NW says:

      no ;( Do you have a dollar tree near you?

    6. Anonymous says:

      Why a dollar tree? Do they sell cheap papers?

    7. Amber Red says:

      @Anony yes they sell the seattle times for $1

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    9. Brianne says:

      Do you only get the sunday paper?

    10. [...] And if you are wondering why you need so many papers.  You can read Why I personally do here [...]

    11. Kamilyn "Kami" M Besson says:

      I just had the manager at a local Dollar Tree give me the Sunday paper for half off on a Friday since it was almost a week “old”. It was great. Also, it doesn’t hurt to ask others to save their coupons for you. And swapping is wonderful. I have friends that need formula coupons so I like to trade the ones I get for things I use a lot of. Things like soy milk, Pediasure and other specialty foods for my kids with food allergies.

    12. angelag says:

      Is this page current. I am new to all of this and am confused because looking at when comments were posted…they all seem to be from last year like May 2010.

    13. Andrea says:

      Hi….So you get the Everett Herald? And does it have the R.P and S.S in it? Cause i got a couple Seattle times and it only had the S.S in it.


    14. angie says:

      Andrea yes the herald have R.P and S.S.

    15. Jennifer says:

      I have been buying the Kitsap Sun (I live in Port Orchard) and it doesn’t seem to have the coupons in it that http://www.sundaycouponpreview.com is saying should be in there!! Should I buy a different paper? I heard the Tacoma Tribute has good coupons, or maybe the Seattle Time?(But it is $6!). I get all excited about deals (like the free Carefree Pantiliners this week, except the SS coupon wasn’t in my paper’s SS Insert?) and then I am discouraged when I can’t get them and I have bought 5 papers :(

      • Elizabeth says:

        Try the dollar store! They usually have both the Seattle times and your local paper and they only cost $1 each! The nice thing about buying at the dollar store is that you can check for the coupons before you buy them so you are sure to get the ones you think you are getting. Also if you have it delivered and it comes without coupons call and complain and they will send them out to your home directly and usually offer a discount or free paper as an appology.

    16. Hiedi says:

      Hi Amber! I too have 4 children to feed and it is not getting cheaper! My kids, myself and my hubby watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing and saw your episode, I love what you do for your family! We are a one income family, own a house and have high taxes so with this all weighing on just my hubby I started couponing recently. I have been VERY successful at the non food items but in my area it is very hard to cut your grocery bill even with coupons. I appreciate what you do to help others and I am not going to give up on trying to save on my groceries, I am going to keep studying, clipping coupons and try my best. Your a supermom and kudos to you!!


    17. Leslie says:

      I have been rec. 3 Sunday papers, which allows me to rec. the “Extra’s” on Saturday as well (which is just coupons only). So I rec. both wkend days full of coupons. I also have 3 more inserts given to me, by a co-worker. So I have over 6 to choose from. I still wish I had MORE!!! It is soo addicting!! :)

    18. joellen meyers says:

      would anyone be interested in switching some coupon inserts with me? I would like to do this on a weekly basis. I live in Ohio :) email me if ur interested.

      thanks :)

    19. joellen meyers says:

      jemjrmarm aol com

    20. Shannon says:

      Amber, I just watched the extreme couponing episode last night. Amazing!! I am new to the coupon world, but anyway that I can save some money for the family is so helpful. Checking out your site now. :-)

    21. Brenda says:

      I buy the Sunday Tacoma News Tribune at Safeway, if you use your club card it’s only .75, that saved me quite a bit over the $2 Seattle Times.

      • Linda says:

        Hi Brenda,

        Does the deal for Sunday Tacoma New Tribune for .75 true for every Safeway? Also do you get a discount on the Seattle Times is you use your club card? I wrote an reply few minutes ago, but I am not sure if it posted or not. If it did, I am sorry.


    22. Linda says:

      Brenda or anyone else.

      Do all Safeways sell the Sunday Tacoma News Tribune? I live in Kent, WA and was wondering.


    23. TESS says:

      can u still use coupons that are expired. i see alot of people with huge stock piles of coupons. it would seem as if some of them may be expired. can you still use them anyway

    24. Minnow says:

      @Tess – No you can’t use expired coupons. Most couponers are highly organized so as to avoid trying to use an expired coupon. I personally double check my coupon as I pull them out to use them. =)

    25. Paula says:

      My husband and I went to school with Collin and they recently reconnected on FB. I saw his post about your extreme couponing episode, but I have seen it yet.
      Then wow, I was excited to stumble upon your site today! I’m a floundering newbie in this couponing gig! I’ll be studying up…thanks so much for sharing your time, energy, and knowledge.

    26. Paul T says:


      i thought the coupons comes only on Sunday. Is it true?
      having different news papers gives different coupons?

    27. Sherilyn says:


    28. tonya says:

      Tacoma tribune is $1.00 on Sunday in Puyallup … I buy 15 a week u have be there before 8 am down here they go quick… we get tons of good coupons.. I know Kami and she gets my pedisure coupons … many here go quick in stores when hot items… have be quick…

    29. sabi says:

      Hi I am so sorry I am trying to understand the short forms/slangs the words used but I just dont get it …can someone clear my confusion what is oyno and what are the acronyms used for the math formula…can anyone clarify again please?

    30. sabi says:

      Thanks sooo much for the prompt response…but you know what…im am SO confused…I still dont get how the item is actually FREE if it says its a dollar off or like $2off…its just not making sense to me…say if you dont have catalina and there is the perfect example of toothpaste….if its $3 and minus $2 then you are still paying $1..right??But how is it free then? I just dont get it please pleaseeee help..I really want to understand these concepts but even like yogurt if its $.50 off…like a pack of 6 then how do you get this for free or less money…can you explain it in really layman’s terms…sorry :)

    31. Losing money says:

      It’s one thing to save a few bucks, such as why coupons were made in the first place, but it’s quite another to take advantage of the system to the point of theft. Many of you don’t realize but stores do not get 100% of the money back from coupons sent in. If you care about any one but yourselves you will want to know that this can not only ruin a store to the point of laying off staff, but lower our economy! Do you care? Well that’s something you and God will have to work out! Shame on you.

      • Tyler S says:

        I debated on whether or not to add a reply to this comment but I don’t want anybody to be misled in to thinking this is true. Every coupon has a section for the retailer instructions that usually says something like this: “We will reimburse you for the face value of this coupon, plus ‘x’ amount of cents handling.” The only reason the store would not be reimbursed for a coupon is if they did not comply with the manufacturer’s coupon redemption policy. So please don’t believe that you are causing people to be laid off and/or being a drain on the economy.

    32. [...] multiple papers are a key to couponing, if you’re scratching your head wondering why read why I buy multiple papers, it will make more sense  If you are looking for a specific coupon be sure to check the Coupon [...]

    33. Amber J says:

      Someone asked about expired coupons. There is a program that you can send your more recently expired coupons to a military base. The soldiers and families can use the expired coupons for up to, 6 months I believe. Here is the site: http://www.ocpnet.org/default.htm

    34. Cheryl says:

      I was bummed! I have been buying the Tacoma News Tribune at 38th St & M st in Tacoma for $1.00 each and this morning the cashiers told me the special price is over! Boo! No more $1.00 TNT at Safeway any more! Now will have to hope for the best at the Dollar Store unless anyone else has a better idea???

    35. Ashley P. says:

      The gas station about a block from my house lets me HAVE the Sunday papers from last week AND my Aunt and Uncle mail me their coupons every 2 weeks. :-D

    36. margeb says:

      What paper do you get that has Red Plum. The Everett Herald no longer carries it so I miss out on a ton of great deals!

      • Ashlie says:

        This is an older post. Unfortunately no newspaper in the NW (at least near Everett) carries Redplum. It only comes on Tuesdays with the grocery ads.

    37. Sabrina says:

      I use http://save.missmodesty.net which is a clipping service. I get 6 copies of the smart source inserts + 6 copies of the Red Plum inserts and its waaayyyyyy cheaper than buying the whole paper.

    38. kim wiganosky says:

      The everett herald no longer does the deal for 5 sunday papers

    39. christine says:

      why did you re-post this knowing thatt he Herald isn’t doing their 5 paper deal any longer. I now only get 1 paper and have just given up. If you are just going to the storing and buying a bunch of papers it would be more helpful if you would just make a new post saying so.

      • Ashlie says:

        You can always go to the store and purchase 5, they don’t HAVE to be delivered to your house. The post is about why you should purchase multiple papers, not why you need to have them delivered. I think the post makes perfect sense. :)

    40. Merce Figueroa says:

      I just started coupons and I away over my head lol need help or a little guidance. Please help

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