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Multiple Newspapers for couponing

When I first started to coupon I knew that I had to put out money in order to save money. I read on a few blogs that said it would be best to have 1 paper per family member. Well for me that was $9 a week (they have since raised the price, now I would have to pay $12!). Because I didn’t know if “couponing” would really work I started off buying three Sunday Newspapers. But then came Store promotions, Buy 10, Save $5 deals and I wish I had 10 papers! Why, you ask? Well take this scenario for an example: 

Make it Easy Promo:
Spend $20 get $5 OYNO

Crystal Light is 2/$4 at Albertsons
Buy 5
Use 5 $1/1 coupons from SS 3/21
Buy 2 Tide Stain Release $5.99
Use $3/1 from RP 3/28
Use 3 doubles
Total OOP: $7.98, and receive a $5.00 Catalina
Total Savings: $14

Now if I only bought 3 papers then this transaction would not be able to happen. And the savings I received pays for my newspapers and I still have loads of coupons to use.

Since I buy multiple papers per week I am able to create money saving scenarios each week. I also like the fact that I’m able to stock up on the items I need at a much faster rate. In the beginning of my coupon adventure I ran from store to store stocking up on this and that. Within six months I no longer needed to go to the store and get every deal. I shop less and save even more. I am also able to buy more organic items. Before, it just wasn’t even in my price range. Do I still get those 5 papers? Yes, because I am able to try more items for free or pennies that I normally wouldn’t buy.

So would I coupon if I only bought one paper? NO WAY! It is a must to have multiple, for sure. Even if you are only a family of two I think it is a must. We all know someone we can give stuff too and this is a great opportunity to serve and love our neighbors.

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