Welcome Confession

So I have to say that if you are new to couponing this could be the best time to start! If you didn’t go to the store to buy your herald I suggest you do it now. And I mean NOW ladies! You will rock the savings and we can give you just the advice on how to do it. So stop what you are doing and grab your kids and GO! Who cares what you look like :)

I so remember when I started couponing and I was like darn it, I don’t have that coupon. I am pretty sure if you buy them now that will not be the case for you. And how many do you buy? I suggest one per member of your family, but if you are not sure how you will do then start with 3. That is what I did. My first month I brought our grocery bill from 600 to 300$! Now I can’t say that can happen for everyone…..I am just weird like that. I can eat the same thing over and over as well as my husband. I have no problem with feeding my kids cereal for dinner and either do they. But ladies don’t fret because it gets better every month. I can pretty much open my own mini mart with all the food that I have and cure any sickness. Okay that might be a stretch…..But one thing is for sure I am S T E T C H I N G these dollars! And loving it!!

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