So You Want To Plan a Killer Halloween Party…

Halloween is just eleven days away! Can you believe it? Some of us may have already started our plans for what we’re going to do, whether that’s taking the kids trick or treating, or hosting our very own Halloween get-together. Maybe you haven’t planned anything because you’re not sure if you want to spend the money. Don’t worry. An awesomely spooky party doesn’t have to break your bank. Here’s a few tips on how to get your spook on and host a killer Halloween party that your guests will be remembering until Christmas!

Decide On a Theme



In order to really economize on both your time, and your money, it’s important that you decide on a focused theme for your Halloween party. Is it more of a trick-or-treat, kids’ oriented party, or a horror-flick event? Are you and your group doing something beforehand, like visiting a corn maze or a haunted house, and then coming back to your place for drinks, snacks, and socialization? Decide on these things now so that you can plan accordingly.

Dim the Lights

PHOTO: pinterest

PHOTO: pinterest

Now that you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to do a little decorating! If you’re planning on a more kid-friendly Halloween bash, then maybe try making a cute monster door. You can also check out our collection of easy no-carve pumpkin DIYs to set on your porch or around your living room.

If you’re having a more adult party, try setting up some unsettling mason jar lanterns by wrapping mason jars in bits of gauze, lace, and twine to create a spooky effect, putting in some tealights, and scattering them throughout your home. You can also try decorating with 3D bat silhouettes to hang onto your wall, or fluttering, creepy hanging ghosts you can make yourself that will definitely give your guests a fright!

Your decorations don’t have to cost a lot of money and don’t have to be particularly elaborate. In fact, sometimes, the simpler the better. All you need is a little creativity.

Make Some Spooky Snacks

What would a party be without food? Of course, you can have the traditional candy, but where’s the fun in being traditional? There’s so many great, spooky snacks you can make yourself on Halloween that hardly cost a thing. For something savory, try these Mummy Pizza Bites, creepy green Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese, and Spider Deviled Eggs. For something sweet, try making a bowl of Ghost Pretzels or some adorably evil Rice Krispy Treat Monsters. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, this Chocolate Spider Trifle is sure to impress your guests!

As for drinks, don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too! For something alcoholic, try making your own “Hallowine” Sangria. Or, for something kid-friendly, Homemade Apple Cider is sure to be a hit!

Organize Some Halloween Fun

Thankfully, Halloween is a Holiday that already comes with its own activities. You can take the kids trick or treating and then shuffle them back to the house for snacks. Or, if you’re doing an adult party, you can have loads of fun going to a corn maze, haunted house, or even just staying home playing games and watching scary movies. If you’re doing the latter, try setting out some board games and cozy blankets. There’s nothing better on a spooky Halloween night than curling beneath some blankets with a hot drink and some fun snacks to watch a horror flick with a group of good friends! The best part? Watching your own scary movies at home is free.

If you host a costume party, you can always show off everyone’s cool costumes and have a vote to decide who won “best costume” of the night. Provide a few fun prizes, like a little bag of candy for the kids or a bottle of wine or a small gift card for the adults.

Whether you’re planning something for the kids, the adults, or anything in between, an amazing Halloween party doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. Don’t stress, be creative, and have fun. Your party is sure to be a hit!