• Walgreen Bayer Glucose Meter $5.00 Money Maker


    Snapshot 1:9:13 10:48 PMCha-Ching!  Right now at Walgreens you can make $5.00 when you buy a Bayer Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter after coupon and register reward!  Even if you wouldn’t use this, it’ would be a great item to donate to your local charities!

    Here are the deal details:

    Buy (1) Bayer Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter $9.99 (sale price thru 1/12 with balance card)
    Use (1) $10.00/1 Bayer Contour Next EZ Blood Glucose Meter coupon from Answers at Walgreens: Diabetes Care Book
    Earn (1) $5.00 Register Reward
    Final Price = Free + $5.00 moneymaker 

    Thanks Ariana and I Am that Lady for the Photo!

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    15 Responses to “Walgreen Bayer Glucose Meter $5.00 Money Maker”

    1. ariana says:

      and you get 3,000 points. beside the $5.00 CAT.

    2. Darla says:

      LOL, do it! But don’t bother donating – just toss it. A person with diabetes can get any meter they want free from Bayer just by contacting Bayer. The company wants you as their customer so they give the meters away free.

    3. Jenn says:

      My walgreens did not have the coupon book and had no idea what I was talking about. Thanks for the tip though.

    4. Carrie says:

      So this did work at my Wags but with some serious hesitation. Firstly they don’t have the book – but one of the helpful gents there said “we will honor it” when I asked where the $10 coupon is that they show on all the tags. So I got the meter and went up front where they directed me to the photo counter where the manager had to arrive. So he said he would honor it (I showed him the photo from your site ; ) and then he said “that will be $9.99″ I said no, that’s not putting the coupon on and he said “I can’t give you a penny back” so I asked if I should add something to my order. He then said “I’ll just make it zero then” and did so – and snagged my RR and started to wad it up – so I asked him for it and flustered and angry he handed it over even though I said they weren’t giving it away as they would be re-paid for the cost of the meter since it was a MFQ. Anyway- I got it without the coupon and I got the reward which I promptly turned around and bouth TP – YAY FOR FREE TP!!!
      But seems these coupon books are MIA in stores… I checked at another WAGS and no luck. Figured I wouldn’t press my luck.
      Still a great deal – and I have 3 diabetic’s in the fam… so they will get the meter.

      • carolyn says:

        My Walgreens had the IBSTAR marked down from 74.99 to 29.99 and a 25.00 coupon in Walgreens March savings book, paid 4.99.

    5. Jess says:

      I have a feeling that they hide these on purpose because they had ALL the Answers at Walgreens available, but not the Diabetes…interesting! I went to 3 stores myself and no luck :(

    6. Carrie says:

      It sure feels that way.
      I’m going to write to WAGS to say the manager was good but that I’m frustrated with the lack of the coupon books.

    7. kiki says:

      These coupon books have been MIA the past two weeks…either they were pulled by the store, or customers came in and wiped them out…

    8. Donna says:

      The store in Lynnwood on 208th and highway 99 has a whole bunch of the diabete books right on top of the products on the shelf. But the shift lead said they cannot lower the value of the coupon to $9.99 because it is manufacturing coupon and the manufacturer won’t honor the coupon if they adjust the coupon price down. He said he will lower the value of the “store” coupon though. Is this true?

      • LucaBella says:

        Of course it’s not true. Walgreen’s policy (you can go to the website and print it out) is to lower the value of the coupon to make the deal work. On the website, they use the example that you have a $5.00 coupon for an item that costs $4.99, and their policy is to lower the value of the coupon to 4.99 and make it work. Print out the policy and keep it with you, self-important morons will make up all kinds of rules that don’t actually exist.

        • Donna says:

          Thank you! I had the policy printed out and i put it in my coupon binder. of course, i left my coupon binder in the car. I didn’t bother to go get it so we just left the store empty-handed. We had to meet some friends for dinner and didn’t want to be late. The cashier had delayed me for awhile already. Lesson learned: always bring my coupon binder with me when go shopping. I thought it would be just a quick and easy shopping trip, but knowing in the world of couponing, it is always a problem using coupons for me.

    9. LucaBella says:

      I forgot to add that between my family members we bought 34 machines in Seattle over the last couple of days, and everyone took the coupon, with most raising the price of the meter to 10.00, but a few lowering the coupon value to 9.99

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