• Unadvertised $2 Money Maker at Rite Aid!

    Rite Aid

    Rite Aid Money Maker

    Wow!  Check out this money maker that reader Candi found at Rite Aid today!

    In the health and diet section at Rite Aid they have this Herbal Slimming Tea for just $2.99, with a $5 +UP reward!  This is a $2.01 money maker.  No coupons needed!

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    I am a married mother of two kids, ages 9 and 6. I love spending time with family, searching for great deals and sharing the savings with others!

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    9 Responses to “Unadvertised $2 Money Maker at Rite Aid!”

    1. sarah says:

      I tried this earlier in the month and it did by work. Pretty sure it’s a dead deal.

    2. sarah says:

      *did not work

    3. Candi says:

      I bought a box of the tea and got a $5 +UP reward valid starting tomorrow. :)

    4. Hally says:

      I bought 3 as it said there was a limit of 3…and I only received 1 $5.00 up :-(

    5. Rachel says:

      I tried this at the first of the month when it had started and I bought three but only got one five dollar up reward. I called corporate office and it is a miss print it is supposed to say buy three get a five dollar up

    6. kim wiganosky says:

      They should still honor the deal even if it is a misprint, that is misleading! Good luck girls!

    7. Leslie says:

      Just bought one today. Didn’t print the UPS. Should I call corporate?

    8. ariana says:

      At my store they didn’t had the tag for the $5 + UP bought 1 just to try and did not work.

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