The Greatest Potty Seat Ever: Xpress Trainer Pro $32.99!

A friend of mine has 4 very small boys and bought one of these (for almost $60) because she was so disgusted at how dirty the potty seat inserts got (not to mention how dirty her kids hands and bathroom floor got every time they took it off the potty and set it on the floor).  This toilet seat was an amazing fix to that problem!

Unlike regular seats with lids, this is 3 pieces that nest together, with the middle piece having a smaller opening than the last so little bottoms won’t worry about falling in.  It’s really easy to clean, it’s super strong, and definitely discreet.  This does NOT feel like a cheaply made seat.  It even has a tension in the closing mechanism that doesn’t allow you to slam the seat down!  I’ve heard so many parents get excited when they go in and use it for the first time.  They can’t believe what a great invention it is!

(I got her to snap a pic for me – see how almost “normal” it looks?)

Seeing as how she paid $60 for this, I was shocked to find it so cheap on Amazon today. Xpress Trainer Pro-All In One-Real Simple Potty Training Round/Standard Family Toilet Seat is only $32.99!



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