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    gluten-free-chicken-nuggets-recipe 1

    Recipe: Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets


    These Crispy Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Chicken Nuggets are kid approved! My kids are the biggest food critics I have ever met, and if you can win their hearts in the kitchen you feel as though you won an Olympic Gold Metal! With this meal I Read More

    wildricechickensalad 1

    Recipe: Wild Rice Chicken Salad


    My favorite kinds of recipes to bring to potlucks are the ones that leave an empty dish to take home.  That means people liked it. I like to pretend I’m a contender on Top Chef*.  My goal is to have people talking.  Who knows, maybe I am Read More

    Filipino Chicken Adobo 3

    Recipe: Filipino Chicken Adobo

    frugal living Recipes

    Made another fantastic dinner tonight!  I received my new issue of Cook’s Illustrated and was super excited that I didn’t really need to change any of the ingredients. I did make a few voluntary changes, but that’s only because I had a whole chicken in Read More

    Gluten Free Squash Lasagna Recipe 17

    Recipe: Gluten-Free Squash Lasagna


    Oh boy do I love to cook, and I have had to learn to love it more since switching to an almost 100% paleo diet. I now love foods I never thought I would – one of them is Squash! Honestly, I thought I could live my Read More

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    Gluten-Free: $1/3 Big G cereals (includes Chex Gluten-free cereals) $ .75/1 Crunchmasters Crackers $1/2 Pebbles Treats $1/2 Hindoe Microwaveable Rice products $ .55/1 Hindoe Dry Rice bag $1/1 Rudi’s Gluten-free bread $1/2 Van’s Natural products Natural & Organic: $1/1 McCann’s Oatmeal Irish product $ .75/2 Read More

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