• Sunday Coupon Preview | 1/27 – 5 Coupon Inserts & Twice the Value Coupons

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    This week you can expect to have: 2 Red Plum Insert (if your paper carries them), 1 SmartSource Inserts, 1 P&G Insert, 1 Target Insert, Plus Albertsons Twice the Value Coupons!  I am really lovin’ what I am seeing!

    You can check out the Sunday Coupon Preview here to see what coupons we should expect.

    If you don’t know how to organize all these coupons be sure to watch my Vlog Video here

    If you are looking for a local paper deal, check out this one for the Seattle Times on Groupon:


    Choose Between Two Options

    $20 for a 26-week Sunday newspaper subscription (an $81.90 value)
    $30 for a 52-week Sunday newspaper subscription (a $163.80 value)


    Other  Newspaper Deals? 

    *Selected Dollar Stores also sell the paper if you want extra copies, but note that they will not always have all the inserts.

    Other Newspaper Deals:

    The Sacramento Bee

    1 Sunday paper—$19.99/52 weeks

    2 Sunday papers—$39.98/52 weeks

    3 Sunday papers—$59.97/52 weeks

    4 Sunday papers—$79.96/52 weeks

    5 Sunday papers—$99.95/52 weeks

    The Orange County Register (click to see details)

    The Idaho State Journal

    5 additional Sunday papers—$18/month

    The Las Vegas Review Journal (click to see details)

    The Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News (click to see details)

    The Herald-Journal (click to see details)

    The Standard Examiner (click to see details)

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