Why You Should Start Your Christmas Shopping Now

Christmas is two months away. I’m sure some of us are thinking, “What? Start our shopping now? But it’s not even Halloween yet!”. I hear you, don’t worry, but that’s exactly my point. If you give yourself two months to do your Christmas Shopping, it can take the edge off of the financial burden that comes with the Holiday season. Here’s why:

You Can Spread Your Bills Out

This is the obvious one, but the more time you have in between now and Christmas, the more paychecks you have available to split your Christmas shopping up with. This is probably the single easiest way to save money on choosing Christmas gifts.

You could either spread everything out over your different paychecks, or you could allot each Holiday responsibility, like Christmas dinner, immediate family gifts, stocking stuffers, and decorations to each paycheck. Simply split it up however is convenient for you, and you’re sure to stay sane and keep in the Holiday spirit of things.

There’s More Sales to Take Advantage Of

There’s the massive sales that come with the season, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (or Tuesday!), but besides the mainstream sales, there are hundreds of sales that will be popping up between now and Christmas Eve. Holiday season is sale season.

Take advantage of your extra time by keeping an eye out for these themed sales and taking advantage of them. Many companies will sell Christmas decorations and Christmas-related food items, like turkeys and cranberry sauce and pies at discounted prices once or twice throughout the season. Just keep your eyes peeled, and you’re bound to find a great deal on something you need.

More Time = Better Gifts

PHOTO: Oil City

PHOTO: Oil City

The more time you have to spend on looking for a gift, the better suited the gift will be to a person. This will end up meaning you spend less money trying to find a bunch of mediocre gifts, and instead you can spend your budget on that one, perfect gift your loved one really will love.

More time also means you’re able to shop around and get the best bargain for that item. Whether that means simply having the time to find a better quality item at a comparable price which will last longer, and therefore be worth your money more than the first item, or you genuinely have the time to find the gift on sale at a different store, you’re bound to be able to manage your money better the more time you have to look for your gifts. This ensures that not only are you finding the perfect, single gift for your loved one that will keep them smiling all year long, but you’re able to have the time to choose an option that will truly be worth the money you’re spending on it.

You Have Time to DIY It

The more time you have in between now and Christmas, the more time you’ll have available to opt for DIYing your gifts instead of dropping a bunch of money on expensive products you could make for a fraction of the price at home. DIY gifts are a great option for the Holidays, because they’re made with care and love. You’re not only giving your loved one something they’ll really enjoy, but you’re also giving them a bit of your time too.

There are plenty of wonderful, low-cost options for DIY gifts out there. We’ve posted a few options on the site already. Here’s five DIY gifts people are guaranteed to love. You could throw together a few prettily-wrapped body scrubs to give your loved ones a luxurious spa day treat, or make a cute new-sew DIY that will last them forever. Poke around online, you’re sure to find lots of options, and be sure to stick around here, too. We’ll be posting lots of DIY gift options throughout the next few months to keep those creative juices flowing.

No matter what your budget, starting early on finding or making your Christmas gifts is always a good idea. You’ll end up saving your wallet and your sanity, too.