How to Save Money On Toys


how to save money on toys

If you have kids, you know how expensive it can be to keep them in toys. Kids toys can be a huge expense in the household, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a couple of tips to keep you from overspending on your kids toys.


I am a big believer of quality toys. My son has toys that belonged to my husband when he was a child. Why? Because those toys were made well and have withstood the test of time well. Most of the toys that my kids have would not have lasted that long.

Other than the occasional stuffed toy or card games, I do not allow my children to have toys purchased at dollar store type establishments. The toys there generally break during the first use. Don’t get me wrong, there are great things you can buy at the dollar store. Toys are not one of those things.


Are your kids asking for specific toys simply because they are the “hot” items? Oftentimes kids want to fit in with their peers, which is important, but how much does one toy affect that. I refuse to spend high dollars on toys, simply because commercials say that “all the kids have one.”


Don’t discount thrift store shopping or buying used. Just like I am sure you have seen with your kids, many toys are rarely played with and are in great shape. Check your local thrift store or Facebook for sale groups for deals.

In addition, consider swapping toys with friends. If your kids have grown tired of their toys, it’s likely your friends’ children are feeling the same way. Start a tradition of trading toys and save you both money!


Don’t forget to check for coupons! We often see printable coupons for toys and games, this is a great way to cut down the price of toys!

CLEARANCE – In addition to coupons, be sure to stroll down the clearance aisle! I bought my niece a Figit Friend this year for Christmas. My secret was that I found it at clearance at Walmart for $5, down from the $55 regular price!


Before you head on to the stores, be sure and check online. Amazon is a great place to find rock bottom prices on toys! Also be sure to check your favorite retailers online. You will oftentimes find better deals via their website, plus many offer the ability to pick them up in store.