How to Save on Buying a Christmas Tree This Year

It’s that time of year – it’s time to start having a look at buying a Christmas tree. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, Americans spend over $1 billion on fresh, local trees to deck their halls with. The average tree runs about $40. Decorating for Christmas can get seriously expensive, which is why we’re here to help. There’s a few clever ways you can still find the perfect Christmas tree without spending a fortune for it.

Shop Wholesale

This is probably the easiest option. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of running all around town looking for a tree, or driving up to a farm to cut your own, you can call a wholesaler and buy your tree through them. They will often sell to individuals, you just have to ask around. This cuts out the middleman, drastically reducing the price of your tree. You can place your order with them, and they’ll send you a tree. Easy, right?

Cut Your Own

Have a look at the USDA Forestry Site and see if there are any spots near where you live that you can go to cut a Christmas tree yourself. They have a directory of all the spots in national forests that you’re allowed to go cut trees at. After that, all you need is a permit. They run anywhere from $5-$15. Some places will charge a little extra on top of that for the tree, but it’ll still cost you less than the retail price of a Christmas tree. Besides, there’s something to be said for the memories of driving out to a national forest, axe in hand, snow tumbling down from the sky, cutting your own tree down, bringing it home, and decorating it. It’s an amazing experience!

Try Different Species

Different species are less expensive than others. They all have their own perks. So, do a little research and become informed on the pros and cons of all the different species available to you. The Christmas Tree Association has a great section on all the different Christmas tree varieties commonly sold by retailers. If the scent of the tree is the most important thing to you, try looking for a Balsam Fir. If you’ve got a bunch of heavy ornaments that weigh down most branches, then the Noble Fir is the type for you. But, if you’re looking for a tree that will last the longest, you’ll be wanting the Fraser fir.

However, if you’re really looking to save money, then go for a Scotch Pine. It’s one of the least expensive trees on the market, but it still looks great in your living room.

Compare Price Tags

This should go without saying, but different retailers will sell their trees for different prices. Shop around and don’t be fooled by a quick, upfront deal. Take your time looking for your tree and make sure you know what it’s worth, and how much you should be paying for it. Each lot will operate a little differently. Some lots will even have sale days where trees are slightly less expensive on one day of the week than another. Different vendors calculate prices a little differently. Depending on the type of tree you’re looking for, it’ll be a better price at one particular retailer than another.

Be Patient

Don’t rush into buying a Christmas tree just because you think you need it immediately. The closer it gets to Christmas, the cheaper you’ll be able to find a tree. Retailers are looking to get rid of trees by the end of the season, since they won’t be able to do much with them after. Once it gets to be a week before Christmas, the prices will start dropping down. Sure, you’ll have a little less time to enjoy your tree, but if you’re like me and you decorate your tree on Christmas Eve, then this is a great option for saving a lot of money.