• Safeway | Safeway Apple Juice as low as $0.38!


    safeway apple juice

    Have you checked your personalized prices at Safeway, lately? You may just have the special price of $1.38 a bottle for Safeway Apple Juice. After adding that Personalized Price to your card, and this one-time coupon, you’ll be all set to stock up on some apple juice!

    Remember that the $1.00 Just 4 U coupon is a one time use coupon, so be sure to buy what you need in one transaction! As far as I know there is no limit!

    Safeway Apple Juice $1.99 or $1.38 Personalized Price
    - $1/1 In-Ad J4U Coupon (unlimited in one shopping trip)
    Final Price: $0.38

    Thanks Jamie!

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    41 Responses to “Safeway | Safeway Apple Juice as low as $0.38!”

    1. Rachel says:

      I have tried to use a one time use coupon before and been told that it is only for 1 quantity, ive even fought with them about it where some of them say limit 3 or limit 1 but the ones that dont say limit means no limit. as it only ever takes it off of one

    2. Sarah says:

      Just to make sure is actually going to take $1 off each one ,if you buy 10,or just one?

    3. rebecca says:

      I did try this today and I was able to get 10 @ .38 each. Perfect for the holidays and I can give some to my daycare lady for the kids. Also, check your just 4 u account for the special pricing on soda….the special price is $2.79 or $2.97, and the soda is currently on sale buy 2 get 2 free. Buy 8 (only paying for 4) for a total of $11 and some change. Great stock up price in my book….$1.49 per 12 pack. The limit says no more than 10, but you must buy 5. Perfect time to do it. I also had a $3/$30 sa feway coupon that came off helping cover the oregon deposit.

    4. pauline says:

      ahhh, now i know why the store was cleaned out so quickly lol, i didnt get it though :(
      ….i have seen the coupons go both ways.

    5. Lee says:

      I always thought it meant for 1 purchase. (Get one for $0.38). I wonder if it is a bug in their system with the apple juice.

      I am have a personalized deal for 1/2 gallon Lucerne milk for $1.25. Plus I have a $0.50/1 Just for you coupon (limit 3). That means I can get a half gallon of milk for $0.75!

      Does anyone know what happens with clearance items? If the milk is discounted 50%, do you get 50% off my personalized price plus the JFU coupon? Haven’t had the chance to try this yet.

      • Christianne says:

        Lee it has always taken 50% off my JFU price and the coupon comes off too. Even when the red sticker has the regular price, if I add the JFU price to my account it always works! :)

      • Quinn says:

        Hi Lee, I very rarely get good personalized deals. I was wondering if it was because I don’t shop at Safeway very often. I like the $1.25 off and .50/1 coupon you got for milk but I never see those types of coupons in my ‘personalized’ section. Thanks for any input you have :) .

        • Nichole says:

          Quinn, I was in the same boat as you. I rarely shop at safeway and my deals sucked and I never got any good deals. I ended up signing up for another card and starting over, plus signing up my husband’s card. Between the three, I’ve been able to get a FEW of the deals listed but of course NEVER any free stuff. At least this time I got the cheap apple sauce one. good luck.


    6. Nicola says:

      Just got home from Safeway and got 10 bottles of Apple Juice at $0.38 each! Great for the upcoming harvest party at school and halloween party too. Thanks Amber! :)

    7. david says:

      Once you use the coupon from the just 4 you. does the coupon disappear or its still in your list???

    8. G says:

      If it is a store coupon (worded as “$x.xx off”) the digital coupon will take off as many times as there are items in the transaction (like the Oscar Mayer hot dog deal last month) as long as there’s no limit. A manufacturing coupon (worded as “save $x.xx”) will only work once. There are a few possible exceptions to this such as last week’s safeway coupon insert which has the Kellogg’s and Progresso recipe starters store coupons phrased as “save $x.xx”. Also the P&G ecoupons state “$x.xx off” but they could be manufacturing coupons (I haven’t used any of them to confirm). The receipt will state whether it’s a Just4U store or manufacturing coupon.

    9. DealGirl says:

      I went to Safeway yesterday and posted about this in the Safeway matchups thread. Wish I would’ve known I could get more than one. My toddler doesn’t need much more than that, though – happy to get any at that price!

    10. Rachel says:

      sad i dont have the specialized price for the juice :( but did have the soda one.. does anyone know if it works on mtn dew too????? my hubby goes through this like crazy

    11. Cindy says:

      Mine personalized deal doesn’t have the apple juice either :/

    12. Otto says:

      Check for two ice cream coupons in your SFW account too. Ice cream special pricing (for some of us) is $2.39 and some of us got $1 off coupons. Yay, Lucerne ice cream = $1.39.

      • Mary H says:

        Thanks for mentioning this! I went back and looked, my special price was also $2.39 and I had $.89 off coupon – $1.50 is a great price. I need to pay closer attention to my J4U account.

    13. Jessica hayes says:

      I just did the soda deal and it did not work for me :( got the 2.97 price but not the buy 2 get 2 free

    14. Ami J. says:

      I already did my apple juice deal on Wednesday but Im looking at my Just 4 U account and it now says Personalized Price $1.38 64oz Limit 2 per day, Offer Type: Unlimited.

      So no one can go in and get more than 2 now!

    15. Sara B says:

      I have the Personalized Price, but it does say that it’s limited to 2 per day. I may stop in to Safeway and pick up 2 bottles.

      • Rachel says:

        ugghh i just looked at my mother in laws today and it looked like they changed it as well to 2 per day.. yesterday it did not say that, does anyone know if it will actually only work on 2? i always do self checkout. so maybe there is a way around it

    16. J4U Apple Juice was unlimited at the personalized price this morning – they just pulled it and added the Limit 2. A Just4U $1 off coupon is for one-time use – that means one scan – you can get as many as you like but once you checkout you are done for and the coupon will no longer be available on your card. So this morning I did 15 juice at $0.38 and ordered 60 for my hubby’s card. Now – they added the limit to the personalized price per day. So really, the max you can do now will 2 TOTAL….:(

      • Rachel says:

        i dont understand why they keep doing these limits after they come out with the sales, i mean really , they know what they are advertising, its not like the snack pack thing where they didnt know it would overlap like that, but these are both safeway coupons….. so now, with you ordering 60 you wont get the .38 on them??? and i was headed today to pick up 10 as i have a 2 month old and it goes perfect with rice cereal when its time for her to start….. why cant they get it straight

        • I don’t know – I am not a shelf clearer, so I grabbed 15 for our party this week and next week…I have 4 boys – we go thru 1 64oz in a morning nearly. Although I should clarify they don’t have apple juice every morning, so it should last me a month. So, I did the sensible thing and ordered. I showed her my coupon and I even have an image captured of it for my site. I haven’t spoken with them yet, so I am not sure if they will override it – I doubt they will…you’ll hear the right to limit qty…yada yada yada! I had the same issue with Hunt’s and albertsons – so crazy! I agree, they need to honor their mistake and just move on…

    17. I did 8 drinks too: 2 caffeine free cokes, 2 cokes, 2 cherry coke, 2 Barq’s at $2.97 – I only paid that for 4 and got 4 FREE plus CRV in OR.
      I also did 6 chips at $0.99 and 3 7-Up at $0.69. I have pics!

    18. woo crotto says:

      I just loaded coupon 2 hours ago went into the store deal didn’t work the store had me log on to my account and magically the unlimited was changed to limit of 2

    19. Erin says:

      I say poor business practice and customer service to change a deal once it has been loaded to the/my account. If the company wants to change the coupon that is available that’s one thing but not once it has already been loaded..that’s just plain sneaky and wrong. Bloggers share the great deals as Safeway wants them to..but if the deal is too good it gets changed… FB is full of complaints but not one response yet…

    20. Kathy M says:

      If it’s to good to be true in all probility it is.

    21. Virginia says:

      I pre ordered 10 cases, 8 per case, this is for 3 families, we go through lots of it

      • Virginia says:

        They called and my order came in and they tried to go back on the Just4U deal, they viewed my card information and finally called a home office and got approval to adjust my order. $30.40 Family members came and picked up their portion and I just added mine to my pantry, what a savings, I can’t thank you enough!

    22. DealGirl says:

      The soda deal works! I got my personalized price plus the b1g1 free deal. GREAT price! I was able to mix and match both coke and pepsi products, too. I only bought 5 (the min you can buy with this deal). So I paid $1.78 for each 12 pack. You can get them for even less wyb 8 but we didn’t need that many.

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