• Safeway | La Victoria Tortillas $0.39 and more!



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    Author: amber


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    9 Responses to “Safeway | La Victoria Tortillas $0.39 and more!”

    1. alex says:

      So can you stack the online coupon and the MQ for the La Victoria tortillas? I didnt think you could.

    2. jessica says:

      Store coupons or prices are listed “$ each” or “$ off” while manufacturers coupons are listed as “save $” sounds silly, but thats the easiest way to see the difference in the just4u program. Also, if you have a store price (specialized price) and theres also a coupon loaded on to your card from the just4u program as well, Both will come off! Hope that helps!

      • steph says:

        My coupons on just for you have started showing up as just the final price, so the tortillas says they are $1.39. It doesn’t even look like it is a cents off coupon. Weird, and it is confusing me. I have read on another blog that people are starting to have issues with this.

        • jessica says:

          Yah, mine says $1.39 each, too! Thats good, cause its just a price! You can stack the $1/1 coupon with it, to get them for 39¢ each!

          • jessica says:

            Same with my dr.p! its not a coupon, its just the final price of 49¢ each! Yay!

            • steph says:

              I agree- but print your shopping list to show the cashier if they give you grief, and be sure the $1 coupon comes off before you leave the store. I have read about people having problems on this item this week.

    3. ben t says:

      another horrible experience at Safeway. After being burned several times I am just going to stop trying. They clearly are not customer focused. I went to the Safeway here in Kennewick and although the La Victoria tortillas are in their ad, they do not carry them. They cannot do a raincheck, and will not special order them. That is ridiculous!!!! Don’t advertise things that you are not going to carry. I spoke with the manager and he apologized but said the ad covers 5 states and that not all items are available in all areas….and that these tortillas are not available in eastern Washington. I let him know that the Albertsons a few blocks away carries them regularly and he said “I am sorry for the inconvenience.” This happened to me last year on another item, and after typing an email to the corporate office and NEVER getting a response, I am sure the one I just typed will be disregarded as well due to their lack of customer focus.

      If they carried it and they were out, I would be very understanding…..but to advertise a product that you don’t even carry is absolutely ridiculous. Call before you go to make sure they even carry the item.

    4. Kendra says:

      Ben T. have you tried posting on their FB page? Sometimes that helps….

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