Safeway Just4U App – Couponing Made Easy(er): Save Time, Save Money

This last few weeks I have been blessed to be a part of the launch of the new Safeway Just 4 U Program.  Last week you may have seen me on KOMO talking about their Safeway App and today I was able to share more on King 5 New Day Northwest.  I am very excited about the program and more excited that it’s going to help save us all money and time.

There are many things I love about the Safeway Just 4 U App, but I will share my favorites:

Easy Coupon Clipping When you log onto you can enter their Coupon Center.  In this section you will be able to load store coupons directly onto your store card as well as some manufacturers’ coupons.  This will be one less step you have to worry about at the store, and one less thing to forget!

Wondering how to tell the difference between a Store Coupon vs a Manufacturer?  Let me give you a visual:

Manufacturers will give you an amount you are saving.  Exp: Save $0.50 One Febreze Set & Refresh – (one time coupon)

Store Coupons will give you a price point. Exp: Colgate Total Advanced or Arm & Hammer Toothpaste $2.49 each

*Note if you load manufacturers coupons onto your store card you may not be able to print some of these coupons from – I personally only load the Store Coupons, so I can get two prints instead of just a one time use.

**You can only use one Store coupon.  So if your personalized deal is better or vise versa Safeway will give you the better deal for which ever coupon is listed.

Personalized Deals – All those purchases you have been making at Safeway are now going to come in handy.  Safeway has designed this program to give you the best deals on items you buy most often.  What really excites me about this is the fact that many of these include produce.  I logged in today and have a coupon I can load for $3.00 off a $10 Produce purchase.  This will also combine with all of the other produce deals and offers I have.  On top of that I can go back and use it again!  Many of these coupons aren’t just a one time deal (if it is, it will say so) you can go to Safeway and get the deal again for up to a MONTH!  Pretty great!  If you haven’t registered yet for the program be sure to do that here, you will get a FREE Dozen Eggs!

List Option: How many times have you gone to the store and realized you forgot your list at home?  Well now you can have it on your phone too! From the Safeway app you can load items into the list feature and keep everything all neat and tidy.  You can also check items off while you are shopping at the store.  Sending someone else to the store for you?  Well with this technology it just made things that much easier – you can sync your phones so your honey can view your list as well as some added notes if needed!

One thing we always wonder is how much we can really save with a program like this.  Check out this email I just received from Talaena:

Hi Amber –

I just wanted to share my recent trip to Safeway. I’m loving them now that they have the Just 4 U deals!! Especially since its based on how you shop and we are a Primal/Paleo house. Anyways, I like Safeway again! I just got back form a quick trip that involved some Just 4 U deals, store coupons, and manufacture coupons.


Here’s what I got:
3 – Kikkoman gluten free sauces
2 – Welch’s fruit fizz 4-packs
12 – PowerAde’s
1 – Precious string cheese
5 – Packages Oscar Mayer lunch meat
2 – Ranchers Reserve rump roasts
6 lbs Bananas

The coupons I used were:
6 – $1/2 PowerAde NLA
1 – $1/1 Precious (found in package of Precious)
3 – $2/1 Kikkoman marinade (facebook promo) NLA
2 – $1/1 Welch’s Fruit Fizz

My Personalized deals and store coupons were:
$5 off when you buy $20 worth of Ranchers Reserve
$.49/lb bananas
$1.99 Welch’s Fruit Fizz
$.59 PowerAde

I spent $33.57, saved $51.34 (61%) and I still have a $4 Catalina from the Oscar Mayer and a $2 Catalina from Kikkoman.

AND I’m earning double gas rewards points all week!!!

That’s pretty fantastic!

So many great things about this program and as I am learning I will be sure to share more with you too!

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