Safeway J4U App | Reminder to add eCoupons – You May Just Have a FREE ITEM

Do you like to shop at Safeway?


Then, I really *hope* you are using this awesome, money savings J4U (or Just 4 You) app.

It is one of the best grocery store apps out there.

What make this app so great from other store apps, like Walmart and Fred Meyers? Not only does it add and store Manufacture and Store Coupons, it gives you an option to save more with Personalized Prices. It retains shopping history ques and add discounts to items you already buy, everyday. Since we eat a lot of organic foods in our house, that is one of the best uses for this kind of savings.

Many of you know how expensive eating healthy can be, and often using coupons will not make much of a dent on that huge ring-out total, so when I see a deal like this one below, it adds up quickly!


They even have some FREE items on there, occasionally, which makes this even better! I have gotten some high-value items literally for free, some of the most recent were . My trick is searching the word FREE on the phone app, to find them quickly!

Let’s not forget about the fuel discounts! I could go on a whole another post on how much I love this perk. Since I have had the same card for years now, a lot of family members tend to use mine as a default. At one time I actually had (28) $1/Gallon perks accumulated (and then quickly used).

I do have to admit, however, I rarely use Safeway gas. I take full advantage of the program being available at most Texaco and Chevron Stations, by adding my customer number at the pump.

The only hard part? 

Remembering to add those awesome deals to your Safeway Card!

(p.s..go add your J4U deals!)