Safeway eCoupons | Knowing the difference between a store coupon vs manufacturer coupon

The Safeway Just4U program is being coming a pretty big deal.  I love it for it’s simplicity, but it also can be tricking when you trying to figer out the difference between a store coupon and a manufacturers coupons.   These details are important to know because if you have one of each – You can use them together!!

Here is how to tell if a Safeway eCoupon is a Store Coupon or a Manufacturer Coupon:

If it’s a Manufacturers – the image will display the amount you are saving.  In this example,  Save $0.50 One Febreze Set & Refresh – (one time coupon)

Store Coupons will give you a price point. Exp: Colgate Total Advanced or Arm & Hammer Toothpaste $2.49 each


Then there are coupons that say $1.00 off- One Time – These too are store coupons and you receive multiple savings, limited to one transaction – with the exception of P&G Product coupons

Easy as pie, right? Hopefully that is helpful for you!

Few extra tips:

*Note if you load manufacturers coupons onto your store card you may not be able to print some of these coupons from – I personally only load the Store Coupons, so I can get two prints instead of just a one time use.


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