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    A reader recently posted a very good couponing question:

    Until now, we have planned our weekly menu depending on how much we have to spend for that week out of our food budget. We usually shop at Winco for the best deals (their non-sale prices are really good) with a few things at Trader Joe’s. The problem is that by the end of the week, our cupbords, fridge, and freezer are basically empty and we begin again the following weekly shopping trip. How would I change my shopping habits to not only get the best deals, but also to build up a pantry? I expect that I will probably have to spend more the first few months because we’ll be getting enough for weekly meals but also catching deals and buying in bulk, right?

    One thing I remember when I first started to coupon is that I questioned whether or not I would be able to build up a pantry and not have to eat rice in beans in the process.  I can honestly say that I live a much better life now that I coupon. I am going to try to lay out some steps to help answer this question.


    • Plan your meals:  When I say this I don’t mean just pick whatever you want to eat that week and go buy it.  Take a look at what you do have in your freezer, refrigerator, and pantry and plan out of that.  If you need meat that week find the best deal and create a meal or two out of that.  I love to use allrecipes.com to give me ideas.  If you used their advanced option you can plug in ingredients that you have and it will give you a recipe :) Just remember to plan your menu around the sales.

    • Set aside a certain amount to build up your stockpile. Say $25 a week.  While this may seem like a small amount, you will be amazed at how much this will last when you are using coupons. Keep it in a cash envelope so that you know how much you have left.  If you have money left from the previous week add it to the next.  You never know when meat will be on a super buy.  For instance Chicken is at Food Emporium this week for $1.69lb.  I just went and got 29lbs!

    • Know how much you should buy.  When something goes on rock bottom price take a minute to think of how much you will need.  If you eat spaghetti once a week then you will know that you need 52 jars of it.  I like to buy six months ahead of time because by that time it will be on a great sale again.
    Any type of change in our lives takes dedication and time.  You are going to have to make a commitment to save your family money.  In the beginning you will be going to the store more in order to build your stockpile.  But within six months this will be less and less.  By following blogs you will be given the best ideas on what to buy that week.

    Here is an example of what you could buy using that $25 dollars in week and still have money left over:

    Danimals- Yogurt- Free
    Sponges- Free
    Arm & Hammer Laundry Sheets- $0.59
    Ziploc Bags-buy 4, pay $1.98 and receive a $2.00
    Barilla Pasta- Free
    Post Cereal-Pebbles- Buy 4, pay $1.96 and receive a $3.00 catalina

    I could go and do this and only spend $5.12 and get $5 in catalinas!

    S&W Beans- $0.41 each!

    Scrubbing Bubbles, Pay $1.98, and receive a $2.00 Catalina

    I would personally then go to Food Emporium and stock up on Chicken with my left over stockpile money :)

    I hope this gives you an idea on how to build a stockpile and how far $25 dollars can really go.  If you are new to using coupons you may not have all the coupons for these products, and I know how frustrating that can be.  While there are ways to buy those coupons I never did that when I first started out.  Within a few months you will be able to jump right in on all these deals so be patient and it will come :)  Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any other questions.
    And if you are wondering how to coupon without doubles, please read this post here on How to Coupon Without Doubles

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    19 Responses to “How do you build a stockpile? | Coupon Training”

    1. Amber says:

      great post!

    2. [...] actual happens. It did not happen overnight or in one shopping trip.  It took me time to build my stockpile.  All thanks to a friend who watched that TV Show.  She was right, I was made for [...]

    3. Bridgette Fultz says:

      This was very, very helpful. I live in a condo, and have no stockpile. I would love to start one, but I have limited room so it can’t be too large. But this was very helpful :) Thanks so much

    4. Debbs Seattle says:

      I allow the pantry space of course 2 foot wide only, one shelf in the garage, one shelf in the linen closet, one drawer in the guest room and the closet shelf in there too. When I cleaned out the bathroom cabinets…wow, I had a ton of space for rubbermade ‘shoe’ boxes to keep toothpaste, brushes, deo, etc. I live in a townhome, not a lot of space, but I am the weird American who demands to park my car in the garage rather than create a hoarding worthy stockpile. Just enough to take me out with 6 months of security of those budget busting money suckers, and the money I save pays for the fresh grocery items each week.

    5. [...] under the “Start Here” and the “FAQ” tab where you will find articles on How to Build a Stock Pile , How to coupon without getting overwhelmed, and staying organized.  You are more than welcome to [...]

    6. Regina says:

      It is very hard to get these prices when you live in an area that has no stores that double coupons :(

      • lyndee says:

        Regina, I live in a area that does not double and I do good I think. I seem to get pasta, pasta sauce, kid snacks, sport drinks, body wash, toothpaste and odd and end items for nothing. I spend about 30 a week on sales and stuff that we need for the week so it can work it you plan out your trip. I always save more if I plan it out.. =)

    7. Angie says:

      I’d like to see a post on what is a rock -bottom price, I know “0″ is rock bottom but what is a good price for stock up items? I am a newbie to couponing & I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations about getting things for free all of the time. Sometimes I think things are a good price & I end up walking out of a store having spent more than I thought I would.

      • Angel Carroll says:

        I would love to see rock bottom prices as well. I am new to this area and Meat prices are crazy high. I am use to getting chicken for $.67 per lb not $1.69. Steaks are on sale in my area for $8-$9. Are you serious, is that really a sale. My stores are so far away I can’t go as often as I like to get a good feel for the average prices.
        I just want people to not give up just because they don’t double at your store. I get tons of great deals at Wal mart and they don’t double. It is still way cheaper to coupon! You don’t need and extra bedroom to store your stockpile. You can do it!

    8. Staysha says:

      I am a newbie as well. I have only just started collecting coupons and organizing them. I have only used 2 coupons so far… Paid about 6$ for 2 Neutrogena Face Washes. =) I Mainly Shop at Fred Meyers because it is Closest. I just noticed yesterday there were TONS of shelves just wiped out. I thought, man, i need to get on this asap for the next big hit! lol. Soooo, anyhoo, i like shopping at Albertsons and Safeway too. There’s also a Winco in my area. Which one of these store will i see the BEST deals? And, if i find STORE coupons, can i use them at any other store? Like “Competitor Couponing?” Or can i only use manufacture coupons anywhere?

    9. Heather says:

      I do have a question regarding sale cycles. They say that items go on sale around every 12 weeks to 6 months. I get that part, but I wonder if there is a specific season or time frame that is the basis of most items sale cycles. For example: healthier items go on sale around January as part of new year resolutions, etc.? Has anyone found any other one?

      • roberta says:

        winter- cold meds, kleenex ect.
        end of summer into fall- snacks, cereals, lunch meats (school lunch related things)
        holidays- baking items.

    10. zelene says:

      thank you someone one finally say how to start was wondering how everyone did it..i was taking money from grocery budget and seeing that it was getting a little harder .will try it this way

    11. Kim says:

      Until I saw you on Extreme Couponing I honestly thought there was no way to achieve any substantial savings. All I saw were people from the midwest or back east using double coupons and then you showed up from my local area shopping at a store I shop at!

      I’ve been couponing since May 27th. I have spent $115.33 and saved $298.28 with an average savings of 80%!

      Thanks Amber!

    12. Beth says:

      I’ve clipped coupons here and there but haven’t gone this far before. It’s great to have a post w/o doubling coupons. None of the main grocery stores in my area accept doubles. You’ve inspired me! Thanks so much for sharing!

    13. Josephine says:

      I’m also new to couponing and I would like some suggestions as to how to plan the trips to the stores and how to check if you are getting the deals you are supposed to get once you are at checkout, because sometimes people are in a hurry, either the cashier or the people behind the line.
      Thank you

    14. tammy says:

      I am new to couponing and my store doubles and I was just wondering, I started couponing at the end of May and I am saving 34-36% on my shopping trips, is that good or am I doing something wrong. I am watching the sales and getting lot of stuff for free. I went to CVS yesterday and got 24.00 worth of stuff for $2.35 out of pocket and got back $3 ECB so I did really good on that one. Any advice to help me along?

    15. [...] Coupon trip at Albertsons!  I was able to stock up on the items I needed and still stay with in my $25 a week stock up budget. My husband and I eat Almonds daily, especially since starting Advocare.  For $0.50 a pop this was [...]

    16. roberta says:

      Something every new person needs to remember. A stockpile does not happen over night or in one shopping trip. Don’t feel like you are never going to be able to get a stock pile because your stores do not double coupons. It’s all about smart shopping and watching your sales along with coupons. “What’s a good stock up price?” How cheap have you seen that item in your area? Plan a weeks menu with what you have in your freezer and your shelves. Don’t buy things unless they are on sale and you have a coupon. Saving any amount of money is great. Don’t try to jump in with both feet, you will very quickly let yourself down because you will try to compare YOUR savings with the over exagerated savings on the tv show. That show breaks too many rules and gives people false hopes of getting $1000 worth of stuff for free in one shopping trip. Baby steps ladies…baby steps!

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