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I think it would be pretty safe to assume that we have all gone to the store because we saw a great deal on a product only to find the shelves empty!  This can be VERY frustrating at times.  (my first piece of advice would be to avoid going to the store for just 1 item) BUT the good news is you can get a Raincheck in most circumstances.  I wanted to make sure this is something that has not been forgotten. It almost seems as old-fashioned as layway. (yep, stores still do that too)  But getting a raincheck is a great way to still get the deal that you were planning on in the first place.  

Whoops I should probably define what a raincheck is just in case. Raincheck: A ticket or slip that is provided by the store that guarantees the current price of the item when it is out of stock.
Always make sure you keep these in a safe spot so you are not losing them.  Most stores have a 30 day expiration date, so be sure to read the slip.
Also, did you know that you can get rainchecks on produce? I dislike very much seeing a store ad that has grapes on sale for $.99 cents only to see the selection gone or totally over picked and only left with rotten grapes.  So I will get a rain check.
But what if my coupon is going to expire? Try asking the store manager if they would be willing to sell you the product and you can pick it up later.  You ring it up like a normal transaction, use your coupon and get an IOU.  I have done this a few times at Albertsons and it has worked well for me.  So YMMV, but it is definitely worth asking about if it is something your family needs. Now I only suggest doing this if in fact your coupon is going to expire because this can be a lot of work for the checker. (if you are buying multiples of one item they have to hand type the UPC code in the register)
Do only grocery stores issue Raincheck’s? Nope.  Many stores (like Target, Fred Meyer, & KMart) will also issue raincheck’s on merchandise at the store.  There are times when it will state in the ad that they will not issue raincheck’s, so be sure to read the fine print. If you are there to get a deal and you are unsure if the store issues them.  Always ask!
I am going to ad this post in my Coupon Basics Tab…If you are fairly new to using coupons this is a great tab to look through 🙂
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