Push Up Handles & Sit Up Bar Just $5 Each!


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CAP Push-up Handle Pair – $5



There are many benefits to doing push ups, including strengthening your chest, shoulder and back muscles. They can also improve the strength in your arms, legs and stomach. Using the Definity Push Up Bars will help you get a safe, fast and easy workout wherever you are. These Definity Push Up Bars with foam handles help you to perform your push ups comfortably. If you use this on a slippery floor, the footpads provide stability because they will ensure that the Push Up Handle does not slip out of place while you are working out. Pick up a pair of these Definity Push Up Bars and start toning your upper body today.

The CAP Barbell Door Sit Up Bar lets you get an abdominal workout almost any place that has a door, making it easy to keep in shape at home. Constructed of sturdy steel, this sit-up machine is durable. With foam padding providing cushioning comfort for the back of your legs, this doorway bar is both effective and comfortable to use. Adjustable to fit securely, this CAP Barbell Door Sit Up Bar works with almost any door and is designed to work with and fit under closed doors. The convenient size of this sit-up machine allows you to carry it easily, making it easy to exercise at home or on the go. This CAP Barbell Door Sit Up Bar is easy to install.