Olson’s Food Emporium

There are some fantastic deals right now at Olson’s. On top of all the meat sales they are having, they also have doubles for up to 2$ and you can use 6 in one transaction!! Hopefully I can get in there today to post some more deals, but this is what I see so far

Bulk Meat:
they will cut to your liking
New York Strip Loin 4.49lb
31-40 Count White Prawns 7.99lb
Chicken Breast 10lb bag 1.79lb
Super Lean Ground Beef 1.99lb
Boneless whole Pork Loin 1.89lb
Boneless Beef Eye of Round 2.49lb
Boneless Beef Tri Tip 2.99lb
Boneless Pork Sirloin 1.49lb
Boneless Pork Sholder Roast 1.29lb
Tyson Chicken Breasts 4.99 Each
10lb bag of idaho potatoes .99cent each
Granny Smith Apples .99 cents a lb
Other Coupon Aholic Deals:
Quaker Captain Crunch Cereal $1.99 If you can find one with a 1$ peelie Double
Final Price: Free
Rice & Soy Dream Beverage 2/$4
Post Cereal 1.99 each w/in ad coupon use 1/$2 double
Final Price: 1.00 each (only buy if you are brand specific 🙂
Seattles Best Coffee $5.99 w/in ad coupon use $1.50 off found in Maxwell house savings book found in some stores double
Final price: $2.99
Kraft Cheese Singles $1.99 w/in ad coupon use $.50/1 from 12/6SS Double
Final Price:$1.00
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta 2/$3 use .75 from12/6SS Double
Final Price: Free
Star Olive Oil $4.99 use 3$ off peelie (I found mine at safeway)
Final Price: $1.99
Dannon Activia 4-pack Yogurt $1.99 use 1/$1 from 10/4SS Double
Final Price: Free
Kraft Shredded Cheese 1.99 each w/in ad coupon combine with 2/$1Printable
Final Price: .50 each
Kettle Baked Potato Chips 2/$5 use 1/$1 from 1/3 Double
Final Price: .50 each
Maries Refrigerated Salad Dressing $2.68 use 1/$1 from 1/3 Double
Final Price: .68 cents each
Land of Frost Deli Shaved Lunch Meats $2.58 use 1/$1 from 12/6 RP Double
Final Price: .58 cents each
I know that there is more deals to be had. So hopefully we can get more match-up for you! You have until the 1/12/10

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