My Shopping Trips and Weekly Highlights | The End of the Month

Amber’s Weekly Shopping Highlights 6/25-7/1

The shopping trips this last week were pretty slim.  I didn’t really need much and because the kids are now home from school, we are working more on getting our daily routines down then stocking our pantry.   My goal is to stay at $150 a week to feed our family of 6.  Here is what we spent this week:

Eventually it will be warm enough for my kids to eat those popsicles 🙂  The kids and I road our bikes to Albertsons and this trip cost us $3.38!

A couple basics –  the munchkins require popcorn when there’s a family movie night.  We watched We Bought a Zoo – Sad but really good!

Squash Lasagna!  Have you made it yet?  It’s our favorite!

The only items not picture are 2 Gallons of Milk & a Bottle of Wine – $11.04

Budget $150.00

Spent: $29.55

$120.45 Under Budget!!

Roll over from previous weeks: $109.76

Total to roll over to July: $230.21

I think taking pictures and showing you my shopping trips is really keeping me accountable.  There have been a few times where I have been tempted to over spend and remember that I am going to be reporting back to all of you so I don’t do it 🙂    So thanks to all of you for keeping me accountable!

How did your month go?