• My Shopping Trip: Fred Meyer, Trader Joes & Costco

    Trader Joes

    Earlier I posted my Advocare Whole Foods Eating Plan. I shopped at [intlink id="35182" type="post"]Fred Meyer, [/intlink] Costco and Trader Joes.  Since my husband and I have changed the way our family eats we have upped our food budget to $500, for a family of 6 I think that still is pretty good, not as awesome as $350.  I use $100 towards stockpiling a month and the rest goes towards food and household items.

    Here is today’s trip:

    Fred Meyer:

    Transaction #1 (Stockpile)
    2 Honey Bunches Of  Oats $0.99
    3 Balance Bars $0.49
    5 Kleenex Cool Touch $0.99
    6 Hunt’s Tomatoes $0.59
    4 Hunt’s Tomato Paste (large cans) $0.59
    use 4 $0.50/1 Kleenex Cool Touch from 1/1 SS (Seattle Times)
    $1/3 Balance Bar
    Final Price: $11.16, receive $1.00 Catalina

    Stockpile Balance left over: $13.84

    Transaction #2

    1 bag Lemons $3.78
    Spaghetti Squash $3.56
    Parsley $0.79
    Cilantro $0.69
    Cod Filet $6.74
    Chili Paste (can’t live without) $2.49
    8lbs Oranges $4.98  <— cheaper to buy then the $0.74/lb sale
    Final Price: $23.79

    Note that Almonds were $4.99/lb


    Organic Spinach $3.99
    Omega Eggs $7.39
    Almonds $9.79 3.5/lbs
    Mixed Peppers $6.99 ($1.12 each/ Trader Joes price is $1.25)
    Garlic $3.88
    Final Price: $32.04

    *Many of these items will roll into the next few weeks.  Except for the eggs, we eat through those in no time

    Trader Joes:

    Asparagus $3.79 (12oz)
    Romaine Heart $1.99
    Organic Basil $2.79
    Organic Tomatoes Roma, 16oz  $2.79
    4ct Avocados $2.99
    Red Onion $0.69
    3lbs Pears $1.99 (these are for next week, they are not ripe)
    Organic Sweet Potatoes, 3lbs $3.69
    Whole Bag Organic Carrots $0.79
    Celery Hearts $1.69
    3lb Apples $2.99
    3 Organic Bananas $0.87 ($0.29 each)
    Final Price: $27.06

    Total: $82.89


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    Author: amber


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    20 Responses to “My Shopping Trip: Fred Meyer, Trader Joes & Costco”

    1. JJ @ University Place Coupon Club says:

      Are you eliminating meat (except eggs)? We are also doing less packaged food and mostly whole foods…but the kids can’t give up hot dogs (barf) and Kris demands little Debbies. ;)

      • Amber says:

        Nope we eat a lot of meat, but this week I didn’t have to buy much because it’s all in the freezer :) Every time I go out shopping I make sure to check the discounted meat section :)

        • Nicole says:

          Too funny you were at Costco today. I thought I recognized you! I work there in the pharmacy and was heading into to work when you were walking out! Glad you got some good deals there! :0)

      • Amber says:

        OH and JJ- I am no angel. There are times I just cave :) The other day one of the kids mentioned 5 guys and Fries, if my car would’ve made it up the hill in the snow….I would have been there. :)

    2. Turtle says:

      It sadly does cost more to eat really healthy/well. I have incorporated more coupons and am trying to save as much as possible and am doing well by stocking up on the whole wheat pasta n tofu when it’s on sale. (tofu freezes well and once defrosted and crumbled really resembles ground meat) I luckily can 40-60 lbs of tomato each summer and work through those each winter…our reason is for health reasons. My body does not digest meat and fights processing sugars and flours… makes the coupon challenge a bit more interesting! We do finally have a Trader Joes 25 miles away but otherwise hit many farm stands and our own garden seasonally. Wish i could find more coupons for produce, etc!! :)

    3. Bean says:

      Do you have bountiful baskets in your area? Got my first basket last weekend and there is a ton of fruits and veggies in there. You can get organic as well. Saves me a ton of money.

    4. Amber says:

      {Banging head against wall} Bean I totally keep forgetting to sign up for this! Thanks for the reminder :)

    5. Eric says:

      Hi Amber-
      While I don’t have a membership to Costco, I was just curious what the price of eggs are there. You wrote that you bought eggs but didn’t say how many. Thanks!

    6. Sandra says:

      Have you priced pears at Costco? I think they are less?

      • Amber says:

        I didn’t. I shopped at the business costco and they have different stuff. I will also say I am not the biggest fan when it comes to costco’s produce :) One thing I like about TJ’s especially the apples is they are small and the kids will actually eat the whole thing, instead of waste it.

    7. Jenny says:

      On produce, if you don’t mind being a little flexible, Hmart (in Lynnwood near the mall) can be awesome. Apples are almost always under $1 a pound, but may not be waxed and have leaves attatched still. The produce section is huge. Also lots of tofu, fresh fish, and random other Asian food items.
      If you’re in the area and feel like braving a Korean grocery store, it’s a huge cost saver.

    8. Kira G says:

      I stock up on my grains- quinoa, groats, polenta, at Winco…I am not sure if it is cheaper but that way I can buy what I need then food save and freeze any I don’t. Couponing for healthy “whole” foods can be more expensive but worth every penny, also Top Food and Haggans have GREAT organic produce and regular produce and they rotate their organic produce sale items. My last thought is remember that at PCC your child can pick ANY piece of fruit when you visit, it’s the healthy version of the bakery cookie.

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