My name is Amber and I am a couponaholic…

Today’s shopping trip
10 (4 packs) Yo-Plus Yogurt
4 Steamers Vegetables

total before coupons $20.86

10 1/1 coupons from GM insert 1/3
2 1/2 Green Giant steamers veggie (found in store) or 4 .50 found here Green Giant Steamers

and 3 Albertsons Doubles found in the weekly ad. If you don’t have one check customer service.
Total $5.86!
I happened to have a 5$ off your next order coupon so I only paid .86 cents! But it gets even better!! You get another 5$ OYNO!! Super deal and super cheap. If you are wondering what I am going to do with all this yogurt? Well let me tell you. I freeze it! Yep, that is what I just said. My kids happen to think that it is the greatest thing and they will pick this over most treats after dinner. 🙂 Happy couponing… And if you are noticing the tea in there I found it in the clearance section and with the 1/2 coupon plus one doubler it was free!

Hopefully you can join this club because this is HOT! And this is why you need to buy multiple papers. Amber and I are in the midst of trying to work out a deal for you so hold tight good news is coming.