• My Indulgence

    Trader Joes

    I love reading your comments I really do!  For the current giveaway I asked you all to share your indulgence with me.  Well I thought I would share mine with you.  

    Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels.  I box is $4.37, that is actually a really good price. 
    Have you had them?   

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    Author: amber


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    7 Responses to “My Indulgence”

    1. Ann Romero says:

      I have had them and they are awesome!! I love Trader Joes.

    2. Misty says:

      I haven't had them, but I did just find those dark chocolate peanut butter filled pretzels! OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! They are delicious! So delicious I can not buy them anymore. I ate them all in record time, like hide the evidence, record time. So if that's your thing you should try them, but don't say I didn't warn you :)

    3. Judy Clark Macauley says:

      Trader Joe's also has to-die-for dark chocolate-covered pretzels. I ate a whole bag when I was on vacation with my friend. (I will totally blame her because she kept saying, "We're on vacation!" as if it didn't count.)

    4. Anonymous says:

      These are SO good! Sometimes they are a little too large though!

    5. Jenn says:

      No, but I'm buying them when I stop by your house tomorrow! Wow! What I'm hooked on are their dark chocolate lace cookies (you know, the thin crunch little cookies with chocolate in between).

    6. charlie54933 says:

      No, but the TJ's mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups are insane and evil.

    7. Lindsay says:

      I love love love their Vanilla Meringues! Two cookies are only like 2 Weight Watchers points. They are the best!

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