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Extreme Coupon at Walgreens can get really confusing quickly. Coupon Connections shows you how to “roll” register rewards so you can get the items you want and pay less out of pocket.

Walgreens has a program called Register Rewards.  They are similar to Catalina coupons.  The rewards are triggered by certain items that you buy at checkout.  You can find the Register Rewards items in the weekly ad.

Here is an example of how to get free stuff from Walgreens by stacking Sales and Register Rewards:

One week they had two ads going:  A four day sale and a week long sale.

On  the four day sale Walgreens was offering a $3.00 Register Reward on Revlon nail polish, so when when you buy one you get a three dollar register reward.  They also had a coupon for $1.00 off a Revlon cosmetic item.  So at the end of your trip you got a free bottle of nail polish.

That’s great right?  Well, sister, I didn’t stop there.  Watch my tutorial video to see how I used filler items , multiple Register Rewards and combinations of items and transactions to get 5 nail polishes, 5 hair clips, 3 cookie tins, 3 pencils and 5 heat patches for only $9.07.  I saved over $53.00 and got a bunch of stuff I needed for my girls.


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