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    Here is how to find the best price on a Turkey

    Over on the Coupon Connections Facebook Group we were having a discussion on how to get the best price on a Thanksgiving Turkey. Do I really want to spend $50-$150 out of pocket to get a Turkey at a great price? Uh, No.

    If you have taken one of my Savings.com Grocery Savings Workshop classes, then you have heard me say that coupons are money. It’s just like cash, you just have to use it for those specified items. These store promotions are how much you need to spend BEFORE manufacturers coupons.

    Just like any other week, you need to find those great stock up deals  (items your family will use) and use those deals to help you reach your total.

    Let me show you, I am going to use Albertsons as my example because I think this is the best deal for us locally.

    Store Promotion: Spend $50, get Honeysuckle White Turkey for $7.00 (16/lb or under) or $9.00 (16-24/lb)

    best price on a turkey


    This week Albertsons has advertised Beggin’ Strips Buy One, Get One Free ($3.99).  There is also a manufacturers coupon in your SmartSource 10/14 for Beggin’ Strips Buy One, Get One Free (up to $3.49).  This means for every 2 I buy with a coupon I have $3.99 going towards my $50 promotional Total.

    best price on a turkey

    There is also this deal – Get $10 wyb any Butterball Fresh or Frozen whole turkey ,lil’ butterball, breast or breast roast and4 participating nestle products. Pictured items include: Coffee Mate Creamer, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, Libby’s Pumpkin, Haagen Daz Ice Cream, Stouffer’s, Nestle Water, and Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk


    Buy 1 Butterball Turkey Breast Roast $10.99
    Buy 4 Carnation Evaporated Milk $1.00
    Use (2) $0.50/2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk printable
    $0.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk, exp. 12/31/12 (RP 09/30/12 R)
    Pay: $13.99, receive $10 Catalina

    Now lets combine the two deals:

    Buy 18 Beggin’ Strips $3.99
    Buy 1 Butterball Turkey Breast Roast $10.99
    Buy 4 Carnation Evaporated Milk $1.00


    Use (9) Beggin’ Strips Coupons from SS 10/14 (up to $3.49)
    Use (2)  $0.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk, exp. 12/31/12 (RP 09/30/12 R)
    Pay: $18.49 + the cost of your Turkey, receive $10 Catalina
    Final price: $8.49 + Turkey and tax

    *Now I am not suggesting you go and clear all the scooby snacks, these deals go for 9 days.  I would call ahead and talk to your manager about placing a special order.  Personally I only have 4 coupons, I was going to use those and buy some Dixie Products and combine with the Buy 10, Save $5.00 promotion.

    This post is just to get your wheels turing on how you can work the promotions at your store!   If you have coupons for FREE items, now is the time to use them.

    Gobble Gobble

    What’s your Turkey Day Strategy?

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    24 Responses to “How to get the best price on a Thanksgiving Turkey”

    1. Jen says:

      Aren’t we getting doublers this weekend? If so, wouldn’t that drop the OOP cost?

    2. noelle says:

      Thanks for posting this! I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to work the turkey deal this year. Last year I got a great deal at QFC on a turkey, and couldn’t figure out how I would get the same kind of deal this year.

    3. Kristy says:

      IS the “Butterball Turkey Breast Roast” a whole turkey?

    4. Renee says:

      Some stores, I think Safeway said this in their ad, the fine print said you have to spend that amount after all discounts and coupons were deducted. Albertson’s didn’t have fine print saying much of anything, I was trying to find it in their ad after I read Safeway’s. So is it verified that they count the total before coupons?

    5. Sara says:

      Well, I was one of those people that had a fairly large purchase at Fred Meyer that allowed me to get my turkey for $8.
      I was able to use my toys, clothes (including their 70% off clearance clothes!!!) and grocery items to get to the total I wanted for my cheap turkey. I am happy and almost done with my Christmas shopping!

    6. Tali says:

      I do not think the beggin strips would all count towards your $50 total. I just got some and the $3.99 (free one) comes off automatically….just saying.

    7. Jill says:

      I just returned from Albertsons and oh boy what an adventure!

      First of all, I didn’t go to my regular store in Port Orchard- Sedgewick and Sidney(that employes the nicest people ever!). I went to the Mile Hill Albertsons in Port Orchard.

      I went to get my Turkey using the BOGO Beggin Strips deal and the Jimmy Dean Delights deal as the majority of my purchase. The ‘computer’ didn’t allow it. I watched it discount my turkey and then undiscount my turkey after the cashier rung in my coupouns. I very nicely explained that their add didn’t say ‘$50 spent after coupons’ and could we please ask a manager about the situation. She said NO!!! Huh? No?? So I politely insisted that we ask a manager. The manager was very nice and adjusted the price of my turkey to $9 but it took a bit to get there.

      Just a heads up to everyone you may need to speak to a manager if this is how all of the ‘computers’ are handling the turkey transactions.

      Did I miss something I wonder?

    8. Darla says:

      The only stipulation is that the cost of the Honeysuckle turkey cannot be part of the $50 total you spend at Albies.
      (I’m just going to answer the question here and confess I did shelf clearing, lol.)
      I bought one Honeysuckle White Turkey ($7 when you spend $50) and 26 Beggin’ Strips BOGO at $3.99 = $58.87 (plus tax)
      Used 5% autumn discount from a previous transaction that I received when I spent $50 in one transaction ($2.94) OOP = $55.93
      Used 13 BOGO qs (13 @ max value of $3.75 = $48.75) OOP for the transaction = $7.18 plus tax and I received another 5% discount off my next transaction for next time.

    9. Danica says:

      Way to go on admitting to the shelf clearing. I didn’t read your scenario passed that. The ethical couponer will respect OTHER couponers AND shoppers by pre-ordering mass amounts of items they want. So, good for you on your awesome score, and screwing everyone else at your store out of getting that deal. You should feel so proud of yourself.

      • Jill says:

        I also am not crazy about the shelves being cleared. I have a challenge though. I was told by the manager when i tried to preorder the beggin strips deal that they won’t do preorders. I usually only have about 5 coupons for an item so am not typically responsible for empty shelves (unless many have been there before me). Are others running into the ‘no preorders’ rule? Is there a way to preorder at a corporate level to work around the store level? Just trying to find a solution to the fustration of empty shelves other than getting mad at others who beat me to the deal :)

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    11. john says:

      i have 3 Albertsons near me (within 30 miles of where i live) and none of them will special order any more. they say they have had to many people not pick the orders up so as an area they won’t order. I also get 5 sunday papers so the most of one item i pick up is 5. unless i am using a double then i will only get 3.

    12. Linda says:

      I have asked my albertsons to pre order and they also refused to do it saying that wont special order for couponers

    13. love2coup says:

      Thank you Amber for this site, I read all the comments and all tips and made an awesome carload out of Albies. My retail $474.76, spent $178.35, savings 62% awesome which included 5 Butterball turkeys, not breast roast but the whole turkey, plus a lot more…..yay.. thank you so much!!!!!!!!:)

    14. Nikki says:

      love2coup – will you show me a rundown of your transaction to include coupon you used to buy 1 turkey?

    15. love2coup says:

      To be honest I took the easy way out, I used this coupon: 2 – carnation evaporated and 2 – Libby pumpkin. I had 5 of these coupons from redplum (9/30/12), which gave me my $10.00 ONP. All my turkeys are small 10 – 14 lbs. which does help. I also used the $3.00 coupon from the end of the TTV strip, all my turkeys are the Butterball fresh. If you buy frozen turkeys you can print off a $3.00 Butterball coupon. Its nice to have 4 turkeys in the freezer:-) :-)

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    17. calder says:

      Does the Nestle / Butterball $10 roll ??

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