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    Well I still haven’t see the show Extreme Couponing, but I have been reading about it on the blogosphere and the question that keeps coming up is “How do you get FREE Toilet paper?” Great question!

    You could get lucky like this guy did.  I do remember getting the $2/1 Marcal Coupon, but never seeing it at the $1.59 price.  Wish I did though


    So how does the average Joe get it free? Here are a few of my ideas

    ::Swag Bucks


    On Swag Bucks you are in a sense being paid to search.  Heading to Coupon Connections?  Type it in the search bar first. Facebook? Everywhere you go online first type it in the Swag Bucks search bar and you are on your way.

    Once you earn enough Swag Bucks purchase your Toilet Paper online from Amazon.  Free!

    Not a member yet? It is free to join and you can use code JoinIn2010 and receive 30 extra swag bucks for joining by 12/31/10.  Head over to swag bucks here

    ::Use your Catalinas

    Catalinas print out at the registers and are triggered by items you buy.  When you receive these use these towards the items you need or are more expensive, like toilet paper.  Read more about What is a Catalina here

    ::Rolling the Deals at Walgreens

    This way can get really tricky and be really time consuming, but it can happen.  When you see these deals like the Sinex deal for a $6 money maker you can then roll your profit into buying toilet paper.

    ::+UP Rewards, Rebates at Rite Aid

    Again there are typically money makers at these drug stores and you can always use that profit towards your Toilet Paper.

    But at the end of the day do not stress out or freak out that you are paying for Toilet Paper. If you can get it for free great!  My stock up price is $0.01 per square foot, but I have paid more because we have to have it.  I mentioned in this post that I would never pay more than $0.50 for a box of Cereal.  To me cereal is an extra not something I have to have and my kids will be just fine eating oatmeal.

    So there are my tips, feel free to share yours.  And lets keep the chatter clean, no potty mouths, because after all it is Toilet Paper we are talking about.

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    12 Responses to “How to get FREE Toilet Paper”

    1. JJ says:

      Man, I laughed when I read that title!! When my husband traveled a lot for his work (moving company) he would bring a large suitcase…and come home with half of it full of tissue, shampoo and TP. I think there was about 2 years that we never bought tissue. Sad…

    2. Vanessa says:

      I have been coupon shopping since September 2009 and I have never found a local free tp deal. There are some things that are just really rare to get a great deal on. The last good deal for tp that I remember was the Cottonelle at Safeway. I don't remember what we all paid but, it was a combination of a Safeway coupon, manufacturer coupon (from a shelf blinkie), and a Catalina. If you have all three of those things in the mix- it will be a good deal. That being said, almost everything else has been free at one time or another. :)

    3. Mavis says:

      I asked for a year supply of toilet paper this year for Christmas… and my Mother In Law sent it to me…

      She thought it was hilarious!

      I thought it was awesome!

    4. Amber Red says:

      Mavis that is Hilariously AWESOME! I should add mother in law to the list :)

    5. Addie says:

      That is awesome!! One year I asked for toilet paper for Christmas, but no one got it for me. I was so bummed!

    6. Angela R. says:

      This is so funny. I was JUST thinking today, I've only ever ONCE seen a free toilet paper deal (it was at Alb the summer of '09, incidentally).

      I however was content to pay $2.99 today at QFC for 12 rolls of Charmin(about 24-cents per roll).

      I honestly think Swagbucks is a good way to go. Another thought is to watch for a daily deal site. Soap.com has been featured on Groupon, for instance. Even better if you have credit!

      The final ideas I have are 1) using grass or leaves or 2) doing without. But I don't know how viable either of these options truly is. ;)

      Thanks for the smile.

    7. [...] Wondering how you can get free toilet paper? Yeah you can with swag bucks [...]

    8. [...] Wondering how you can get free toilet paper? Yeah you can with swag bucks [...]

    9. [...] Wondering how you can get free toilet paper? Yeah you can with swag bucks [...]

    10. One comment I haven’t found yet here is that if you teach your family to use it responsibly – and minimally – it can go M-U-C-H further.
      We are now a family of 4 living in an RV touring America! At least for the time being, so we are using our own TP, none at school/work/etc. That said, we go through 1 1/2 rolls a week.
      Have you ever noticed the size of the “squares” of TP? Do they really need to be that big? I think not and have taught the fam how to get by with less.
      Let’s face it, TP is to help clean things up neatly, right? We always wash our hands with soap afterwards too, right? So have a family challenge. See how much you can change your thinking on TP. Once you see that shrinking down, contact me and I’ll give you a whole huge list of things that we have shrunk! :-)
      Conservation can be a great friend to our wallets and the environment. Corinne

    11. Nichole says:

      I think that there are many great ways for a family to save money. If I were living in an RV, saving toilet paper might be on the list. Otherwise, I think toilet paper is the last thing I would limit. I use as much as I need and I expect nothing less from my family (not the little kids, obviously). I remember an episode of Dr. Phil where a woman limited her kids to 3 sheets per visit to the toilet. No thanks! I’ll find somewhere else to cut back!

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