How to Double Coupons at Albertsons| Part One | Coupon Training

How to use Twice the Value Coupons when they are available at Albertsons.

Albertsons puts out Twice the Value Coupons periodically in the Sunday newspapers.  Go here to get newspaper deals in the Puget Sound and some other areas.

What does Twice the Value mean? Albertsons will double the face value of your manufacturer’s coupons.  So a one dollar coupon will be a two dollar coupons.

What coupons can you double at Albertsons? You can double any manufacturer coupon that is valued at $1.00 or less.  Albertsons will not double anything over a dollar.

Example:  Wholly Guacamole is often on sale for $2.99, so when doubles are going on, the Wholly Guacamole Manufacturer Coupon for a dollar becomes worth $2.00.  When you find that deal, you can buy Wholly Guacamole for $0.99.  Awesome right?!

What if the Manufacturer’s Coupon says, “Do not double.”? Don’t worry, Albertsons DOES double that, because they are actually paying the extra dollar, and not the Manufacturer.  So , yes, you can double it.

Can you double printable coupons? As long as there is a barcode on the coupon and it scans, you can double.

How many coupons can you double at Albertsons? The rule is that you can use double the value coupons on up to three coupons per transaction.  According to Albertsons Coupon Policy you can split up your checkout into three separate consecutive transactions.  As a matter of coupon etiquette, if the store is busy and there are other customers waiting, I will do my three transactions and then go back around to the end of the line.

Extreme Couponing Secret! If you can take into consideration the grocery checker’s point of view and humbly acknowledge that you are not the only shopper that matters, your long term relationship with the people who work at the store and reputation as a couponer will go a long way when it comes to finding leeway in certain future deals.

Thank you for reading and be sure to join me for Part Two!

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