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I had a reader ask me this question this week:  “How do you coupon without getting overwhelmed?”

Boy have I been there, and honestly there are times when I still am.  Target makes me feel that way a lot!  I go and come back only to find there are more deals or a better one that would’ve saved me more money.  Here are a few of my suggestions.  Feel free to add to this in the comments.  I would love to turn this into a “discussion”  This is just what I personally do and what works best for me.

#1 Pick the stores that you are going to shop at that week.

    • Fred Meyer, Target & Drug Stores run  from Sunday- Saturday.
    • Most Grocery Stores run from Wednesday-Tuesday.

#2 Once the new ad comes out I look at blogs (like mine) and copy and paste my favorite deals into  a word doc like this:

how to coupon with technology
As more deals appear I add them to the list.  You will notice on the Fred Meyer that the Mighty Dog food doesn’t start until later in the week so I’ll make sure I write that in my notes.  I will also wait a couple days to see if more deals appear, and they always do.
#3- If it is a clearance item or money maker deal you will most likely need to go quickly. I usually only do these type of deals if I also have other needs at the store.  Or I have time to look for other deals when I am not shopping with my kids.
#4- If I am feeling really motivated I will get most of it done in one day.  But if I need time then I will break it up.
#5- Pick your favorite deals for the week. You do not have to run all over the place to get every deal.  Take your time building your stockpile and you will get there.  If you are wondering how to build a stockpile you can read here.
#6 If you are new to using coupons pick one or two stores to shop at.  When I first started I only shopped at Albertsons.  It took me 6 months to walk into a drug store and I still saw dramatic savings in my grocery bill.   (if you are going to shop at Albertsons I usually wait until Sunday to see if there are doubles)
#7 Partner up with a friend. Many times I buy things for friends and they do the same.  OR babysit for them while they do the shopping or vice versa.
I hope this helps with keeping a balance in your life.  Whenever I start to feel this way I just like to take a step back and say to myself…’s okay, another deal will come. 🙂 Email more questions or feel free to comment with what you found to be helpful.

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