• HOT! Head & Shoulders, 2 Deal Scenarios at Target, TODAY ONLY (7/31)!

    frugal living Target

    If you are headed out to Target today, or running low on Head & Shoulders, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal. There are two scenarios using the advertised “Buy 3 Get $5 GC” promo and the P&G BOGO FREE Q from P&G

    Head & Shoulders Deal Scenario #1
    Head & Shoulders Deal Scenario #2

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    Thanks for the heads up Kami!


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    Author: amber


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    9 Responses to “HOT! Head & Shoulders, 2 Deal Scenarios at Target, TODAY ONLY (7/31)!”

    1. lynnita says:

      just curious but how come you didnt include using the new $1/1 head and shoulders in the scenario? granted i dont know what everyone else’s chances are of getting the “full value” taken off with the bogo coupon, but when you put in the $1/1 it turns out almost as good and probably a little more realistic for some of us who have stricter targets

    2. Ketryna says:

      my target won’t let you buy any more than 5 of any particular item. They say it is in their policy. Anyone else experience this?

    3. Beatriz Brown says:

      Did this deal today and only paid .47 cents out of pocket (plus I still have 2 $5 GCs)! I used 2 GCs from the toilet paper/paper towels. My husband LOVES H&S!

    4. katie says:

      How did you do that Beatriz? I went to CVS today and I bought 10 head and shoulders. I used 5 B1G! and they were on sale for $4.99 each. At CVS they coupons came off for the full value which is $9.49 so I paid .25 for each bottle. I also got a $10 catalina back. The tax was about $6.00 so I ended up making about $4.00.

      • Beatriz Brown says:

        My cashier took off the “full face value” off of the BOGO; which was $9.49. So > 41.95 – 9.49(3 times) = 13.47 – 3($1/1 cpn) = 10.47 – 10(GC) = .47 and I got the 2 GCs! :D I am a happy girl!

    5. katie says:

      Did you already have a $10 gift card?

    6. katie says:

      Just checking… then the deal at CVS is better. Since you end up making money.

      • Beatriz Brown says:

        I got the 2 GC’s back at the end so yes, I didn’t make money but I was left the same as I started (.47 cents “poorer”). Would have gone to CVS if we had one here! Grrr!

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