Having trouble printing coupons?

Have you ever gone in to print your coupons and you get the page that says “waiting to print” and nothing happens? Or what about when it asks you to download the “coupon printer” program…and you HAVE downloaded it many times and still nothing happens… yeah, its annoying!
Why is it doing this? When the company adds the PRINTABLE COUPON into a website…it is using a certain browser. You need to print your coupon from the same Browser in which it was applied to the website or you run into these problems.
What is a Browser? Browsers are the little icons you click on to get into the internet. Most people use either an Internet Explorer Browser or the Firefox brower. So when you sign into the internet you will most of the time click on these two logos :
for Internet Explorer

for Firefox.
So what I did first was to make sure I had both browsers downloaded to my computer. Click here to get the Internet Explorer download and to get the Firefox download.
Then when whenever I run into the problem of it asking me to download over and over again I will just copy the URL of the printable coupon…and then open the other browser. I paste the URL in and then click print. This works like a charm!
Now, there is another way to fix this, where you wouldnt have to download a new browser. However its a little more complicated : you can just change the code in the URL address. Its a quick 2 letter fix most of the time. Internet explorers 2 letters are “vi” or “wi”. Firefox uses “wg”. Just switch out these two letters for the other browsers two letters. For example this is the code to print out with a firefox browser.

This is what the code looks like with internet explorer.
Just switch out those 2 letters until it works in the paticular brower you are using.If you are a MAC user, on Safari, you can replace the 2 letters with “xs” as well.
This should fix your Internet Printable Coupon Issues! Happy Printing!

Thank you SO MUCH Fistfulofcoupons for this extremely helpful information!!!