• Recipe Tip: Homemade Rice Flour


    Did you know you can make your own rice flour with a Blendtec Blender?  I just found this out!

    Yesterday Costco got me!  You know what I am talking about.  Your intentions are good, and your guard is high. All your going for is your Costco staples, and before you walk in you give yourself a pep talk to avoid temptation island.  Temptation island is the area in the middle that has all your wants, but they are not yet needs.

    Your confidence is high, because you intend to walk in like a horse with blinders on.

    Then you hear the lady over the microphone, talking about her yummy samples made with her Blendtec. Well one sample doesn’t hurt. After all, I don’t need some fancy blender just to make smoothies!

    Then my husband wanted to see how it could crush ice, because we occasionally like to have a margarita.

    He gives me the look, but I was still not sold. Then she mentioned how you can make your own rice flour? I said really?  And then she shows me. You can do the same with oats, wheat, almonds, and more!

    She’s good, really good

    We walked out with a Blendtec, and just like that I came home and made my very own Brown Rice Flour!


    1 Cup Rice, powered it up to 10 and it’s done!

    The current price at Costco is $299 after $30 instant savings.  It also comes with an extra 1 year warranty. The links above lead to Amazon.

    I am super excited about this purchase – and one that I know will save me tons of money in the future –  for example the Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour Brown, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4) is currently on sale for $13.04 – which typically is a great price for rice flour.  But I can make 160oz for $14.79 using the Bombay Basmati Brown Rice, 10-pounds Sack

    I am prepared to take my homemaking skills to a whole new level! Get ready for some awesome recipes!

    Has Costco gotten you recently?

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    Author: amber


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    19 Responses to “Recipe Tip: Homemade Rice Flour”

    1. Debi P says:

      Awsome deal. I am thinking I can do the same thing with my Vita-Mix. I think I just need to get the container for grain.

    2. Tali says:

      Enjoy your new blender….i think that once in a while splerging is important. After all, you work hard to save money on groceries and toiletries….can you powder Almond and such? i wounder I you can make peanut butter.

    3. Tali says:

      pardon not spell checking…:(

      • amber says:

        Yep! You can make almond butter, peanut butter – you name it! We have been buying Sunflower Seed butter because it’s all we can take to school for the kids because of nut allergies, so I am hoping I can attempt to make that because 1 jar is $4.99 at trader joes.

        As for almond meal – if you make almond milk and save the pulp, that is almond meal – I will be posting that recipe soon – good news is you don’t need a fancy blender to make that

    4. Telma says:

      Reading this made me giggle!! Try working there…I figure a good day at work is when I come home empty handed!!
      I’m excited to read about your experiences with your Blendtech because I’ve been on the fence for months about whether or not to invest in one.

    5. Faith says:

      I recently purchased the Vitamix from Costco and have the dry container for blending grains into flours. A friend recently taught me a trick for blending rice, oats, and larger grains–once it’s blended, it is typically warm and sticks together in small clumps, so put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then blend it again (much shorter amount of time) to break up the clumps and then it’s easy to store. You can make peanut butter in the Vitamix, I’m sure you could in the Blendtec too. Can’t wait for new recipes! My husband and son are both gluten intolerant and I am still learning!

    6. Tracy Petitjean says:

      Luckily there’s no Costco around here or I’d probably be broke. I am going to order a grain mill off Amazon one of these days though so I can make my own flour. I never thought about rice flour though. I’ll have to do that too.

    7. melissa says:

      If you are looking for deals on storage containers Tupperware has their annual sale this month. 40% off and they come with a lifetime guarantee!! I only buy when they drop to their rockbottom prices!

    8. Emma says:

      Im so jealous!!!

    9. Erica says:

      I totally agree with Telma, its a great day when I walk out empty handed!! I too work at Costco and I too have also purchased a Blendtec and I love it!! I haven’t tried the rice flour but I have made lots of Smoothies and Ice cream!! I had watched the demos for the Vitamix and the Blendtec. The selling points for me was I didn’t have to use a stick and manually change the speeds of the blender. I just cut up my fruits, hit the button and walk away to finish geting ready for work. I love my BLENDTEC!! Enjoy!!

    10. karen says:

      i want a blendtec sooo bad! they have the pro ones on amazon refurbished…last i checked they were 200.

    11. kate says:

      You can also make your own flax seed meal. I borrow Angela’s all the time to make that and oat flour. And almond butter. So delicious.

    12. [...] your PC, Mac, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry device!  Now that I know how to make brown rice flour, I think I will have to wipe the dust off my bread machine! – that’s if that kind of [...]

    13. Hannah says:

      I just use my coffee bean grinder to make flax seed meal, almond flour, rice flour, and so on. Works great, just have to make smaller quantities at a time. :)

    14. Nanell says:

      I use my bosch blender to make rice flour all the time.

    15. Amy says:

      I have a vitamix that I just love and I heard awesome things about the Blendtec too! Since getting my vitamix, I make a smoothie every single morning for my family . I put kale, sweet potatoes , apples , pineapple and flax meal in it. It is soooooo good! Great way to get a bunch of fruit and veggies into your families day! I am totally going to try the brown rice flour! Thanks for the idea !

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