7 Fun Decorations to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It may seem like Spring will never get here, but we’re almost there. That means that we can start rethinking our home decor. Be honest, those pine cones have been sitting in that vase since Christmas. It’s time to get rid of those pine cones and replace them with fresh flowers. Check out these great home decor ideas that will get you ready for Spring.

1.Swap that Wreath for an Umbrella

This great umbrella wreath is an easy switch from a traditional Christmas wreath. Spruce up that door with a bright colored umbrella and the flower of your choice. This piece will welcome your guests and get you ready the new season.

2.An Egg-cellent Center Piece


Photo: Pinterest

Want a center piece that also works for Easter? This great combination combines Easter eggs and flowers. Start by picking the flowers you’d like for the center piece and then pick coordinating colors for the eggs. This center piece is the perfect piece to add to your Easter dinner table.

3.Repurpose those Pinecones

Okay you REALLY like your pinecones, theres nothing wrong with that. This year why not try painting your old ones with a fresh coat of paint. These lovely Spring colors add a fresh perspective on everyones favorite decor with the added bonus of saving money.

4.Go Green

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Photo: Pinterest

If your style is much more simple than why not opt for clean white vases with a green bouquet. Many people think about pastel colors when they want to decorate their home for spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. This is a very clean look that will not only brighten up your home but keep your decor unique.

5.Bring the Outside In


Photo: Pinterest

This piece is by far the easiest and cheapest Spring decoration on this list. Another great way to add some excitement to a typical floral arrangement. Simply add some sliced lemons to a pitcher with your bouquet, and your done. Plus, this one will keep your home smelling fresh.

6.Go for Gingham

A gingham tablecloth or runner is a great way to spice up your kitchen table. Choose a color that fits into your regular Spring center piece and you’ll instantly add some excitement to your dining room.

7. Repurpose an Old Candle Holder

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Photo: Pinterest

This is a great way to repurpose an old candle holder. Simply take some lavender, real or fake, if it’s real you’ll have to replace it quite often though, and arrange around a small glass. Secure the lavender with a piece of rope and you’ve got yourself a brand new candle. If you have real lavender lying around this is also a great way to get your house smelling like spring. Be careful not to get the flower too close the flame though.

Say goodbye to those pinecones and cold weather because Spring is almost here. With these simple decor ideas you’ll have your home ready for Spring in no time.