• Free Sure Deodorant at Rite Aid and a Smokin’ Hot Deal on Physician’s Formula Make-up!

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    As posted earlier in the Building the Stockpile post, there is one hot unadvertised +Up Deal! This one does NOT require any coupons to have a MM or money maker of $.71, so here is the first deal:



    Sure Deodorant


    Brut, Sure, Speed Stick Ladies and Men Antiperspirant/Deodorant $3.29, B1G1 Free
    Buy 2, Get (2) $2+Up Rewards -Unadvertised
    Final Price: $.71 MM!


    Physician's Formula



    Then run over to the make-up aisle to get a hot deal on Physician’s Formula make up. There are a bunch of different varieties of Physician’s Formula on clearance for 75% and are included in this week’s $8+UP WYB $15.

    The Circle Concealer, Eye Booster, Shimmer Strips Mascara and Bronze Booster are a few to list and all were $8.95 or up. Here is the deal and Jaime’s shopping trip below:


    Jaime Shop Rite Aid


    I was originally just going to run up to Rite Aid to get a small pack of diapers. We are trying to potty train and my daughter will not reuse a pull up for anything so I figured I’d go cheap and get store diapers. When I got there I found a $2.50/1 Pampers Box Coupon hidden away in my wallet. So I walked down a few more feet and decided on the big box for $25, – coupon & $3+up, solely for the coupons inside :) and we have a bunch of baby friends to share them with.

    Then I remembered about the make-up deal and grabbed just enough to go $1.88 over and the last two Lady Sure deodorants at my store. I call it a great haul getting back into the swing of things at Rite Aid and can’t wait to try out some of the bronzer!!


    (2) Sure $3.29
    (2) Physician’s Formula 2-1 Lash Booster $10.95/$2.73
    (2) Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Mascara Duo $10.95/$2.73
    Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster $14.95/$3.73
    Physician’s Formula Circle Rx $8.95/$2.23
    Pampers $24.99 ($32.99 Reg)
    Used $2.50/1 Pampers Box  Home Mailer
    Paid $37.20 (+tax) and got $15 +Ups
    Final Price: $22.20 for $85.37 or 74% Savings

    Thanks for sharing and please continue to send in all the great deals you find at Rite Aid!


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    4 Responses to “Free Sure Deodorant at Rite Aid and a Smokin’ Hot Deal on Physician’s Formula Make-up!”

    1. Darla says:

      I’ve been too busy to shop much this week but as I was running errands yesterday, I tried to hunt these down at quite a few stores. It’s pretty hard to find either Sure or Brut in stock anywhere around – they’ve mostly been already cleared. Unless you’re going to RA for other reasons, I wouldn’t bother doing this one.

    2. Darla says:

      There is plenty of the $10.95 Physician’s Formula marked at 75% off still in stock at all the Lynnwood/North Seattle area stores – even some of the $8.95 stuff marked at 75% off is still around.

    3. Heather says:

      Went to the rite aid in Portland, OR and there was no UP rewards for the lady speed stick…fyi

    4. margaret in seattle says:

      anyone knows if the tinted moisturizers are included in the clearance?

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