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    Fred Meyer Free

    Did you receive the  $3/1 Snapware Food or Home Storage Product from the SS insert on Sunday?  You can get FREE Items at Fred Meyer with your coupon!  Here is the scoop:

    Snapware $2.49-$2.99
    use $3/1 Snapware Food or Home Storage Product, exp. 12/31/11 (SS 10/16/11 R)
    Final Price: FREE!

    and don’t forget to bring your Triple Points Coupon!

    Huge thanks to  Sarah B for finding this deal!  Anyone know the price at Walmart?

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    56 Responses to “Free Snapware Storage Items at Fred Meyer”

    1. Yvonne Bush says:

      I bought the cereal size ones so they were only $2 something for me because I am an employee so I got my discount on top of the $3 coupon. Needed new cereal containers

    2. Jamaica says:

      I looked at the WalMart in Coos Bay, Oregon and they didn’t have any. Maybe I’ll have to go to Freddy’s! I could use a few of these!

    3. Shani says:

      I couldn’t find these at walmart. Just got back from a shopping trip and made it a point to look for these. It isnt just that they are out, they dont have this type at all. :(

    4. Michelle says:

      I ONLY found these at Fred Meyers. I looked at KMart, WalMart, Albertsons and Safeway and they don’t carry these. I got some priced at $1.49-2.99. Gotta LOVE free items :)

    5. Elaina says:

      Why is it , that when I go to Fred Meyer the cash register beeps and they tell me my coupons exceed value of the item I am using the coupon for ( even by a penny) . So they dont let me use the coupons…. Does anyone know what the policy is on this type of situation. I suggested adjusting coupon to match price… I got a big fat no..:(

      • Theresa says:

        Elaina, I have had the exact same problem with Challenge flavored butter coupons! I have heard it’s up to the particular store…(?) I’m real hesitant to try this deal because of that issue.

        • Elaina says:

          Yes , me too. I would love to pick these up but am afraid of the bleep drama.

          • Sarah B. says:

            I thought for sure their policy said they would reduce the coupon value down but now I don’t see it addressed at all. It just says something like “amount refunded cannot be more than the price of the item”

            • lori says:

              I emailed their CS. I was told they should adjust it down. They told me to ask for the PIC “person in charge”. I gave them my receipt information and I haven’t had any problems since. They actually sometimes give me overage. :)

            • Brandi says:

              I have the same problem :( My fred meyer will NOT adjust a coupon down! ARGH!!!

      • Sue says:

        This might help.

        To get around the beeps when you have multiple coupons for say these containers…you can go by total value of coupons and total value of containers purchased. No beeps if A < B.

        Buy 5 @ $2.49 = $12.45
        Use 4 x $3/1 = $12
        Pay $.45 and no beeps.

    6. Rachel says:

      Is this their everyday price or part of the sale this week?

    7. Staci Harley says:

      I hate adjusting down.

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    9. CJ says:

      I just purchased 5 with no beeping at Monroe Fred Meyer!

      3 at 1.99
      1 at 2.99
      1 at 6.99

      Total price 15.95
      Used 15.00 in coupons (5×3.00 coupons)

      Total cost .95
      (of course there was tax to be added) but this is an idea to avoid the beeping….just get your amount over the amount of coupons you have :-)

      • Miley says:

        How did you only pay $.95 when one of the containers cost$6.99.

        • Sarah B. says:

          Awesome CJ! I’m going to try that! I wanted to get one of their bigger cereal containers anyways!
          Miley – it works because the coupons used against the $1.99 ones give you overage that you apply to the more expensive ones but since the total of all items is more than the coupons you have, it doesn’t beep! yay! :)

      • Natalya says:

        this will not work, they adjust your total of the coupon to the total of the item.

        • CJ says:

          Natalya….so, I here some people are getting their coupons adjusted, some not….I have never had Fred Meyer adjust down, but, I do not want to seem like it won’t happen to me in the future. I put all my items that I have overages on in the front of my total order on the belt, then other items, I wait for my total and then hand coupons over with my overage ones on top, then others if I have more….Because the overages are covered by other items, no beep occurs….I hope this helps you :-) And I hope you get some great deals, I love tupperware :-)

    10. kristi says:

      I, too, went to Monroe, and got 5 at $2.99. No problems. They just adjusted down. Yes, interested to know how come Miley’s cashier didn’t adjust down each coupon except the 6.99 item. Lucky for you :) .

      • CJ says:

        Yay Kristi!!!! I emailed a few of my family members/friends the deals and they were saying they were soooo jealous…so, i am going to do it again a few more times before the holidays and give some away. I just bought 20 3.00 coupons on ebay for only 3.00-no shipping!!! Woohoo for some baked goods going to my friends/family in good tupperware that they can keep :-)

    11. kristi says:

      i meant Cj’s cashier. :)

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    13. jessica says:

      What would Fred Meyer be the equivelent of in Texas?

    14. Tm says:

      I have been searching for this coupon and can’t find it. Did anyone else get one from the SS from the Everett Herald? I have 5 copies and couldnt find it in any of them.

    15. kristi says:

      yes, TM.

      The back side of the page is Harbor Freight tools, about 4 or 5 pages in i believe, i get the Everett Herald too. HTH! :)

    16. Paige says:

      I just went to Fred Meyers and bought 5 @ $1.99 and they just used the overage towards the rest of my items.

    17. Courtney says:

      I just tried this at Monroe Freds and it was a no go.I got over $15 worth and the very first coupon beeped. So I don’t know how anyone is making this wk. Any ideas.

    18. margaret in seattle says:

      can someone tell me why my combination doesn’t work?
      4X $2.99 PLUS
      2X $1.99
      “trying” to use 5 coupons for 6 items totals around $16
      nothing else in my transaction.
      and it’s NO go. left store empty handed.

    19. Joann’s also sells snapware and they are %60 off this week!

    20. Julie says:

      Worked for me at the Marysville Fred Meyer! Just made sure my total Tupperware price was more than the coupons I had and no beeping! I had 6 coupons and got 1 large, 5 small, and 2 mini for 2.56 OOP (mostly tax)

    21. Sue says:

      Hmm, I guess the coupon total vs. the sum of product prices is store specific on beeping.

      1st transaction
      I bought 5 various sizes which ranged from $2.49 to $3.99 and my total was around $15.50 and 5x$3 Qs sailed through fine.

      2nd transaction @ different cashier
      Bought 2x$2.99 and got beeps, followed by rejection, followed by stare down+glare, followed by the lame per purchase/per transaction mixup excuse, followed by relenting since the long was long with an added touch of “this type of stuff can get me fired” guilt.

      So I feel for you if the trick doesn’t work.

    22. Sue says:

      It is possible that what it’s doing is averaging the cost of all the products, that would explain why buying (6) with a total over $15 and getting a beep on the first Q.

      When I bought 2x$2.99 (which averages to $2.99/item) I think it beeped for me too on the first Q…even though I had no problems in a transaction when they averaged out to be a little over $3.00/item [5 for a total of ~$15.50].

      • Sue says:


        It is possible that what it’s doing is averaging the cost of all the products, that would explain why buying (6) with a total over $15 but less than $18 and getting a beep on the first Q.

    23. noelle says:

      Just got 3 & the overage (1×2.99 & 2×2.49) was 1.03 which went towards my other groc. I feel like if you go to a cashier that u know & have @ least one other item in ur cart over the overage amount, you’ll be fine ;)

    24. Linda says:

      I ended up with 11 coupons (had some delivery issues and they brought me extra papers Monday) plus my moms, she needed tupperware, so I went to Marysville and they would only let me use one coupon and had to discount another item I was buying in order to get it.
      I went to FM in Everett and following the advice here, I got 10 different items that totaled to a little over $30. All the coupons went through no problem, so I paid like $2 plus tax for them all.

    25. Coupon Helper says:

      Picked up two big cereal containers (15.3cups) $5.99 each – 2x$3/1 = 2 for $5.98 (Two for one!)

      There was only one container that had a shelf price of $2.99 at my Fred Meyer and there were none left. They did have some little tiny containers for $1.49, but we decided to get the over $3 cereal holders. Besides we really needed them. This past week ants got into our cereal (had to throw out a box of Post Great Grains that was almost full :( thankfully I only paid $1 for that box!) These containers will definitely go to good use.

    26. Jenifer says:

      I just left FM in Tacoma and it was terrible! The coupons beeped and they called the manager over (Line was backing up and a crying kid in the cart at this point) and the manager told me that I was commiting coupon fraud because of the overage. I had 4 ~ $3.00 off coupons and two snapware at $2.99 and two at $1.99. I was so upset ~ I don’t want to commit fraud! Can anyone tell me if you have a moneymaker situation is that fraud?

      • Amber says:

        NO. You were not committing fraud. And just so you know I had a horrible experience too, so you are not alone. BUT I just said that I didn’t want the overage, but the coupon could be adjusted down. She still said she couldn’t do it and I asked for a manager. They then said they would. Anyway…. sorry to hear about your experience, but it was not fraud :)

    27. Paige says:

      I bought a lot of these yesterday and I didn’t have any problems. I just made sure I got enough of the more expensive ones to even out the overage on the cheaper ones. They gave me the full amount on all of the coupons. Hope this helps. :)

    28. Alicia says:

      I bought only one to see what would happen after all of the posts. I did buy four half gallon milks as well. The register beeped and the display did say something like “coupon exceeds value of item purchased”. Not sure how the cashier (happened to be male, about 20) pushed it through. The overage ($.51) applied to my milk. I honestly don’t know if he would have done things the same way if I’d presented him with 10 coupons. It all seems so sketchy how it will be handled at any given store. I think I will avoid Fred Meyer on this one if I can find another place to purchase.

    29. Alicia says:

      I wanted to share a suggestion: Bed, Bath and Beyond. Today I was able to purchase the containers I wanted (cereal keepers) at a price lower than I would be able to get at Fred Meyer. You can combine the store coupons ($5 off $15 or more/20% off purchase or item) with manufactuer coupons. The difficulty will be that since they handle very few manufacturer coupons, most cashiers will not probably be able to process correctly. They have to scan the store coupons first, then process the coupons as “cash” . The store manager had to show the cashier at customer service how to do it. I do not know how they would handle the less expensive items (i.e. under $3). In my opinion, they had more sizes I would actually use whereas Fred Meyer had a lot of the little ones (good for salad dressing/salsa, etc). I recently saw a manufactuer coupon for $10 off a Bona wood floor mop in a magazine (can’t recall which). If you combine that with 20% off of 39.99 that is almost half off a great wood floor mop!

    30. Jen says:

      Got mine!! My sister @ I cleared the shelf :) 12 Each!!

      • Merry says:

        Jen, totaly not acceptable!!! That leaves NONE for the rest of us. It is decisions like that that give couponers a bad name, not to mention that it is just plain rude to clear the shelves when there is that many of the product there. Next time, do it in small incraments over several days to allow others a chance to get the same deal. I am glad you were able to get such a great deal, but next time, be more considerate of others.

    31. Brittany says:

      Jen! Good for you…too bad if it gives “couponers” a bad name, if I need 12 items and that clears the shelf, well then so be it! I take the time to cut the coupons and get there first, SORRY :) but I say more power to ya…! Ya know how many times Iahve had to store hop because too many “couponers” were taking everything regardless of all at once or a little at a time, I dont think it matters, thats the beauty of couponing! Plus, whos to say we dont turn around and donate to a good cause, those of us that do shelf clear lol! I mean really? Isnt that kinda the point of this thing? And I think that we can all say we have taken the last of something whether with coupons or not! PLEASE!

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