Fiesta Friday?

UPDATE- Apparently this deal is fraud. So sorry that if any of you took part in this. We strive to make sure that all our deals posted are legitimate. So if you still have any of those coupons please make sure and destroy them and pass this along to anyone you may have given the information too. Thanks! Amber

Please click here for more info on this thanks Puget Sound Prudence for letting us know.
Man, so thankful that I have a side kick! With all my kids and everything else that goes on I would of missed out on this fantastic deal! I have been cravinggggg taco salad lately and it looks like I got my wish 🙂 How much did I spend? $3.53!! Here is my break down:
2 bottles of LaVictoria Salsa Go Here for coupon match with Fred Meyers Coupon (limit 2 per trans)
Final Price? -$1.00
Now they will NOT pay you to take this stuff so make sure you find something for a dollar. There are tons of things. I did this 5 times and matched with these items: 2 things of salad, 2 can of beans, and a dozen eggs (cost me 9 cents). So my Fred Meyer total was .09 cents!
Then I loaded the kids back up and headed to Food Emporium they like this store because it has the little carts that they can load groceries in their own carts. When I did the price match up it had the kettle chips for 2/$5. When I got there I saw some for $1.69 cha-ching! So I got 5 and added that with the chicken and it came out to $3.44 OOP! I love saving money!
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