Extreme Couponing: How to coupon without doubles!

After being on the show Extreme Couponing and seeing the comments about not being able to use doubles, I thought I would address it.  Many people are asking how they can save without doubles.  Well let me show you

Wait for the sale!

Or knowing when to hold’em! Generally speaking if the item is not on sale you are going to want to hold onto the coupon until it is.   If you invest in stocks it runs along the same lines, buy low.

Example:  There was a coupon for $1.00/2 Fuze or Fuze Slenderize  that came out in the Sunday Smart Source insert on 4/10/2011 SS Insert.  This coupon will not expire until July 10th.  These are usually priced at my local super market for $1.00-$1.39. Now I do what any couponer would do and wait for a Sale!

This week at Albertsons these are on sale for $0.50 when you buy 10, so if I have 5 Coupons I will get all 10 free with NO double coupons.  This is why most couponers purchase multiple papers.  If I only had one newspaper I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Be on the lookout for Buy One Get One Free Offers.  This is where you would actually be able to use two $1.00/1 coupons pretty much “doubling” your coupon savings.

Another example:  Rite Aid

This week Rite Aid has Tylenol Precise for $5.00.  There is a coupon for $5/1 Precise by Tylenol from the Smart Source Insert dated  5/8/2011 or you can print here.  You can purchase this completely free without using any double.   On top of this Rite Aid has a weekend warrior program that is tracking on selected items thru May, spend $25 receive $10.  Each one of those $5.00 purchase will go toward that total.  Soon you can possibly make a little profit and use towards your other needed items.

Coupon Stacking

This is a great way to really save money with coupons.  Most stores will allow you to use a Store Coupon AND a Manufacturer’s Coupon.  Be sure to check the expiration dates as well because if they don’t expire for awhile you can match these two coupons with a great sale and you have one heck of a deal.  Target is a great place for this option.

Not everything has to be Free

Sure it seems pretty exciting to get free stuff all the time and once you have been doing this for awhile you will be able to come up with scenarios to roll your catalinas and get really awesome savings for little out of pocket.  BUT there are times you actually pay for stuff.  Not everything is free 100% of the time.  If  you are local you can get a really great deal on Laundry Detergent at Fred Meyer for $0.99 buy enough to last you 3 months until the next sale happens.

Shopping at Walmart

One thing that is really nice about shopping at Walmart is being able to receive overage for your coupons. If you have a coupon that is higher value than the product, they will in fact give you cash back for it or you can choose to use it towards other items in your cart.  Just this week I was able to purchase a Frigo Cheese Stick for $0.33 and use my $0.50/1 coupon and profit $0.17.  Now that may seem like little, but when you have 10 coupons you now have $1.70 to pay for other grocery items.  On top of this Walmart will price match which can help you save some time.

I highly suggest subscribing by email so you will get an update to all these great deals and you can select the ones that apply to you.   If your store isn’t listed on Coupon Connections then find a local blog in your area. You can also grab your sales ad and use the coupon database to see if there are any great coupons to match with your store sales.  Remember not every week will be a good couponing week and you will not use every coupon.  You would go broke if you did.  The ones you don’t use or expire you can mail to the military or host a coupon exchange. If  the deal is HOT buy 3 months worth to wait for the next sale.  You can check out my Extreme Couponing Shopping trip for this week not using any double coupons.

Stay tuned on more more post on how to make couponing work for you

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