The Everett Herald Newspaper Deal

This weekend we are supposed to get 3 coupon inserts so it is a great time to sign up with the Everett Herald.  If you live in the Snohomish County area this is the best and cheapest you can get it delivered.  When buying them at the store you are paying $2 per paper!  Now you can get 5 delivered for $4 per week!  That is like getting 3 free or $0.80 a paper! 🙂   And if you are wondering if getting multiple papers is a good idea read my thoughts on this post.  Here is how it works:

Everett Herald Newspaper Deal
Coupon Connections NW ladies will pay $99 for a six (6) month home delivered subscription to our paper. This will include the delivery of one (1) paper every day and four (4) additional papers each Sunday Delivered!. That is a total of 5 Sunday papers. This is a joint subscription and individual starts and stops are not permitted. Specifically, you cannot stop 1 of the Sunday papers for a month and then restart. It is an “all or none” subscription.
Also note that this price is based on it being prepaid for the complete term. No extensions will be permitted for temporary vacation stops to ensure that all expiry dates remain in synchronization.
And to top that all off they will renew it at least once! I am so supper excited for all of you because when Amber and I first started we paid full price. So shout this from the roof tops baby because you just make your first deal!!  
All requests for this special offer must be directed to Diane Giese at 425-339-3291 or [email protected] Tell her that you want the Coupon Connections NW Deal.  Or simply email this form back to her
She said that the easiest way to do this is through email. Put COUPON CONNECTIONS in the header. But if it were me I would not feel to comfortable with emailing my CC information. So you can totally call her just make sure that you have your CC ready. She works M-Th and if you want to get the paper by NEXT Sunday you should do it before next Thursday.

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