• Dollar Tree to accept coupons starting August 26th

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    Earlier this week I received an email from reader Sherilyn that the Dollar Tree will start accepting coupons starting August 26th.  According to management at her  store it’s because they are starting to carry more name brand items.   I did email Dollar Tree to see if they have a coupon policy in place, but have yet to hear back.  Once they do I will be sure to share it with you!     I am a regular Dollar Tree shopper, so this will be an added bonus.  Also if you didn’t already know they do sell advanced copies of the Sunday Newspapers for only $1.00 on Saturdays.

    Here is their response to one commenter on the Dollar Tree Facebook Page

    So what do you all think?  You excited about this?

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    11 Responses to “Dollar Tree to accept coupons starting August 26th”

    1. Dawn W. says:

      Im excited to hear this but at the same time here comes the shelf clearers! sigh lol

      • Jodi R says:

        Yes, Dawn. I’m with you. Shelf clearing really irritates me!

      • Kait says:

        I’m hoping they’ll be savvy in designing their coupon policy and realize they can avoid the shelf clearing if they limit people to 4 of the same coupons in a shopping trip.

        • lola says:

          The shelves will be cleared eventually, so I am not sure why we focus on a few people. The simple fact is, that even if a store limits four products per person and the store only stocks 80 of said product, by the time 20 people come in and purchase that product the shelve will be cleared. I bet the 21st person would just assume that a “shelf clearer” took them all. LOL – I am just excited that the coupon market is opening up as a lot of stores seem to be cracking down on the use of coupons.

          My pet peeve isn’t shelve clearers but those who don’t follow store policy and ruin it for the rest of us who do. The stores start to change policy ie, Fred Meyer, so it becomes harder to use coupons and it is far more trouble than it is worth.

    2. Kait says:

      I’m so excited about this! I was just at Dollar Tree the other day and it was torturing me that I couldn’t use coupons because the deals would be amazing. I hope they will have a limit of 4 of the same coupons per customer though, I think policies like this help stop people from abusing the deals and keeps the shelf clearers at bay. I would hate for Dollar Tree to go back to not accepting coupons because people are going in and clearing them out all the time. I’m going on the 26th to see what deals I can score! I remember seeing lots of brand name products that had available coupons last time: ScotchBrite scrubbers, Hefty bags, Colgate products, etc.

    3. TJ says:

      I think it’s great, but like the other ladies said, I hope they have limits. Do we know if it’s everywhere or certain states? I live in Oregon.

    4. angie says:

      So you can use a coupon on anything that is a dollar?

    5. Delilah says:

      I’m always amazed at people who are irritated because someone stocks up! Isn’t that what extreme couponing is-STOCKING UP! When the shelves are starting to get bare, then the store manager (if he’s on the ball) gets to order MORE product and make MORE MONEY, which brings MORE people into the store, which gives the manufacturer MORE incentive to produce what we like! My local Asian store loves when I come in with coupons (I did the Yakisoba deal) and even said to me, “great more money for me when you use coupons” If you only get 4 of something, do you really need the coupon?? I’m on a fixed income,and I’m still a provider so I extreme coupon/stock-up so I don’t need a gummymint handout!

    6. Tiffany says:

      If people pay attention you can order bulk with dollartree.com and have it delivered to the store also talk with store manager about ordering more of a certain item in advance so your no shelf clearing. Come on couponers this is not new news ordering bulk with manager so you can get the best deals.

    7. KT says:

      BEWARE – Auburn Washington store #3197 WILL NOT accept internet coupons. (per the manager Bob).

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