The Complete Guide to Selling Old Clothes for Money

Looking for a great way to make some extra cash? With Christmas coming up, we mentioned that one great way to make a little extra money for the holidays is to sell all those pieces in your closet that you never get around to wearing. Well, if you’d like to do just that, but you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. So, open up your closet doors, take a long, hard look at the clothes you own, and get ready to start making some decent cash.

What Should You Sell?

The first thing you’ve got to do when you’re trying to sell your clothes is figure out what pieces in your closet are actually worth the effort you might spend on marketing them. So, sort through all the articles of clothing you’d like to get rid of and see if you can find any hidden gems, like:

  • Designer pieces.
  • Any article of clothing that you’ve barely worn, especially jeans, tailored jackets, and dresses.
  • Any purses or bags that are still relatively clean and aren’t falling apart.
  • Shoes! Especially if you have an unusual foot size. Someone will be looking for them when they can’t find their size in a regular retail store.

Online Stores

  1. ThredUp: ThredUp is a great service to use if you’re looking to make some money off of your old clothes. They have a handy-dandy clothing calculator that will tell you exactly how much the site is willing to pay you for the old items in your closet. Once you’ve figured out what articles of clothing they’ll take, you can mail them through Fed Ex or UPS. They’ll give you 80% of the profit and take 20% (and do all the work of marketing and selling the piece for you!). You can take your money in the form of ThredUp shopping credits, or they’ll even pay you in cold, hard cash via paypal. It’s a brilliant option to use.
  2. Twice: If you’re looking for a really hands-off way to get rid of your clothes and make extra cash while doing it, Twice is the way to go. They’ll give you a shipping bag and label. You mail your clothes in to them, and once they sort through all of your items, they’ll give you an offer. They usually will sell items for 70%-90% off their original retail price. It might not make you a ton of money, and your profit is greatly dependent on what brands you send in, it’s still a wonderful, easy, hands-off option.
  3. Tradesy: Tradesy deducts the lowest amount of money from your profit in fees and commission than almost any other retailer listed here, plus, it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is take a picture of the article of clothing you want turned into cash and hit the ‘post’ button. After that, Tradesy will evaluate the item and set the price point. They boast that you can list in under 60 seconds, and they’ll give you a free shipping kit once you make a sale.
  4. Ebay: Tried and true, if you don’t have a piece of designer or name-brand clothing to sell, but still want to see if you can make some cash, Ebay is the way to go. This works especially well for gently-used bags, coats, and shoes. Just make an account, list your item, and let the bidding begin.

But, what if you can’t find anywhere online that’ll take your clothes? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of brick-and-mortar options, too!

Offline Options

  1. Local Exchanges: All you need to do to find a local exchange or consignment store that’ll take your old clothes is a quick google search. Chances are, there’s a few clothing exchanges near you that you can drive to with a box of old clothes for them to pick through and give you a price estimate.
  2. Goodwill/Salvation Army/Local Charities: While you can’t make any cash for donating your clothing to charity, you can list them as a tax-deductible donation and possibly get yourself a fatter tax return.
  3. Old-Fashioned Garage Sales: If you’ve really got a lot of clothes to get rid of and none of the other options have worked for you, then you can take a Saturday and host your own garage sale. Advertise around town, hang up your clean clothes in an organized manner, be prepared to barter, and you’re sure to clear out your closet and make at least a little cash.

In the age of internet, information, and instant communication, it isn’t too difficult to come up with all sorts of ways to make room in your closet and line your wallet with extra cash. You might have to put in a little effort, but it’s totally worth it in the end.