Cold & Flu Coupons | New Triaminic Coupons and more!


Triaminic-couponTriaminic Coupons

I have been seeing many facebook status changes from my friends with poor sick kiddo’s – If you have a little one with a cold and cough be sure to print these coupons for when you will need them!

$2.00/1 Triaminic Product
$3.00/2 Triaminic Product

There are many other cold and flu coupons available as well – just go here click on the Health Care Tab- if you are looking for a specific coupon, make sure you check the coupon database too!

**If you can’t find the coupon, here is how to change the zip code:

Here’s how to change your zip code. Go here first and enter your zip code to 98037. Then come back to the above link or here and clip the coupons. Look under beverages for fast sorting