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    Recipe Tip: Easy Pumpkin Puree

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    There is something special about making recipes from scratch.  I feel a sense of victory, somewhat similar to how Tom Hanks felt in Cast Away* when he made fire.    I have a personal moment to myself, where I dance all around my oven and shout at the top Read More

    wildricechickensalad 1

    Recipe: Wild Rice Chicken Salad


    My favorite kinds of recipes to bring to potlucks are the ones that leave an empty dish to take home.  That means people liked it. I like to pretend I’m a contender on Top Chef*.  My goal is to have people talking.  Who knows, maybe I am Read More

    Johnsonville is at it again!


    Visit Johnsonville on Facebook!  They have cooked up a fun new contest and a way to get GREAT COUPONS!  Here is what you need to do: Make your own pizza using Johnsonville Italian Sausage. Submit your recipe and a photo of your pizza. “Everyone who Read More

    paleofishandchips 5

    Recipe: Paleo Fish & Chips


    The other night I made some pretty amazing gluten and dairy free fish and chips. I have used this “breading” for my Almond Crusted Orange Chicken and it works really well with fish. Eating gluten can get pricey, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here is how Read More

    Vanilla-extract 1

    How to Make Vanilla Extract, Part 2


    For those of you who missed it, I did a post earlier this year on how to make your own Vanilla Extract. We purchased our beans and vodka and put together our little vanilla concoction to brew for months and months. It was a long process, Read More

    Dehydrated Kiwi 5

    Recipe: Dehydrated Kiwi


    This summer while my family was up in Blaine Washington for the 4th of July my friend had picked up a huge bag of he Costco Fruit Melody, this bag is what introduced me to dehydrated Kiwi. I have never had it before and I Read More


    Guest Recipe: Stuffed Green Peppers


    It’s that time of the year for fresh produce and gardens flowing over with juicy green peppers. If you are looking for a great way to use up those nice, plump green peppers, here’s a tried and true Stuffed Green Pepper recipe that’s sure to Read More


    Connect in the Kitchen | How to Freeze Rice


    Every Tuesday at my house we host our Community Group night – we are purposeful with our time and get to enjoy a meal together.   The last few we’ve had, resulted in us running out of food before everyone has eaten.  Thankful for my Read More

    Filipino Chicken Adobo 3

    Recipe: Filipino Chicken Adobo

    frugal living Recipes

    Made another fantastic dinner tonight!  I received my new issue of Cook’s Illustrated and was super excited that I didn’t really need to change any of the ingredients. I did make a few voluntary changes, but that’s only because I had a whole chicken in Read More

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