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MYTH BUSTED: Coffee Does Not Dehydrate You

And neither does tea! There’s a longstanding myth that caffeinated drinks, particularly coffee and tea, cause dehydration. It’s understandable how these tales came to be understood

Balancing Quality and Deals

 I am a frugal shopper. On the surface, this is a good thing. Who doesn’t want to make their dollar stretch further these days? I have found

7 Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

If the idea of spending the next few weeks surrounded by candy corn and Fun Size chocolate bars makes you fear for your diet or your

How an Amazon Kindle Can Help You Read More

Everyone knows that the Amazon Kindle is one of the best ebook readers on the planet. What everyone doesn’t know, however, is the many different ways

7 Coupons to Use This Week

Ready to save money on frozen food, Halloween candy, and pizza? We’ve got seven great coupons for you to check out and use this week! 1.

Save Money With These 11 DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s the spookiest time of the year, and for a lot of us, it means decking out our homes with witches’ brooms, spiderwebs, and jack-o’-lanterns. Yes,

1 Scarf = 9+ Accessories

Give me a pretty scarf and you’ll likely see me wear it several different ways each time you lay eyes on it again. I absolutely love

5 Ways Everyone Should Use Amazon Wish Lists

It always surprises me to discover people who don’t have an Amazon Wish List. Being that I have several, I’ve found them to be the easiest way

Great Reasons to Try Amazon Prime

I hope you saw Coupon Connections’ recent post on Amazon Prime deals. In addition to highlighting that if you haven’t had a Subscribe and Save item

7 Items to Buy With Coupons in October

October is often a big spending month, especially as we all prepare for Halloween. But why are you paying full price? Use coupons for these seven

Why We Pay for a Costco Membership

Our family has made a commitment to getting fit and health over the last few years. One of the things that “eating clean” has shown us,

17 Halloween Costumes You Can Make For Free

Halloween can be an expensive season—there’s all the decorating, all the candy, all those pumpkin spice lattes—but if the idea of shelling out a lot of

Best Items to Buy in October

The weather’s getting cooler, and days are getting shorter. That means it’s time to buy jeans, iPads, and Thanksgiving airfare, right? Here’s a look at some

7 Places to Find Coupons Most People Overlook

If you think the only place to get coupons is the Sunday paper, you’re wrong. Here are seven places to find coupons that many people overlook.

Easy Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes

  Halloween is still 36 days away, but in my house we are on day number 29 of counting down. My kids absolutely love Halloween and

Money Saving Car Care Tips for the Average Person

Keeping good care of your car can save big money over time. Many people are intimidated by car maintenance and repair, and choose to leave it

21 Ways to Stop the Homework Battle

Kids are always going to have homework, and they’re nearly always going to hate doing it. And—let’s be honest—a lot of parents hate homework too. Why

9 Fall Styles to Love

Fall means it’s time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the fall styles. It’s time to go through your closets and get rid

How to Incorporate Quick Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Don’t have enough time in your day to exercise? Feel like you spend your days feeling sluggish and cramped, hunching over your desk or sitting strapped

12 Reasons to Get Excited About Fall

This is the last weekend of summer. Feeling sad to see it go? Here are 12 reasons to get excited about fall. (You’re going to love

What to Buy (and What to Leave) at The Dollar Store!

    How often do you shop at the Dollar Store? Here is my list of what to buy and what to avoid when shopping at