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3 Inexpensive and Creative Ways to Entertain Your Toddler This Summer

source: Keeping up with a toddler is no joke!  It is a time when exploration, curiosity and endless energy is buzzing around your home!  Crayons

6 DIY’s That Only Require a Can of Spray Paint

DIY’s don’t have to be difficult. They don’t even have to take up your entire weekend. Sometimes a DIY can be as simple as repainting an

How to Plan the Perfect Fourth of July Party on a Budget

The Fourth of July is in exactly one week, but don’t panic. If you haven’t started planning the perfect Fourth of July party, we are here

5 Space-Saving Kitchen DIY’s

Chances are, you live in an apartment or a small house. Apartments especially are notorious for having tiny kitchens with very little storage space. You might

The Best Tech Products Under $50 Dollars

In order to keep up with what’s new and happening in today’s world, we need the best tech on the market. In today’s world there is

The Best Way to Buy A Used Car

So, it’s time to buy yourself a car. Next to buying a house, this is one of the biggest financial decisions you have to make. What

Make Your Own Sparkling Strawberry Summer Sangria!

It’s starting to heat up out there! Feelin’ hot, hot, hot? Sparkling sangria is the most refreshing drink for that summer bbq with friends, sitting pool

Yard Sale Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Yard sales are an essential part of summer. Many of you might be pros when it comes to yard sales. However, others might not know where

Camping Gear You Should Be Buying at the Dollar Store

Camping itself isn’t that expensive. Travel for camping is generally inexpensive and sometimes you can find campgrounds that don’t cost any money. However, getting all the

How to Save a Down Payment For Your New Home

Have you decided to buy a home, but don’t know where to start saving. Obviously, you’ll want to put down as much money as you can

Budgeting 101 (Part IV): The 3 Most Common Mistakes

In part three of this series, we talked about setting financial goals for yourself: why you should set goals, how to set effective goals, and how

5 DIYs That Will Take Your Apartment From Cheap to Chic

Everybody wants to make their home look good. But, decorating your apartment can get really expensive. One of the best ways to combat this is to

Cheap and Fun Outdoor Board Games

Since we’ve been on the topic of creating your own fantastic DIY backyard, why not add some fun touches to your backyard oasis. Today we wanted

7 DIY Projects That Scream Summer Vacation

This summer, take advantage of the warm clear skies and start a new project. Weekends are the perfect time to for you and your family to

4 Healthy Meatless Recipes That Won’t Break Your Bank

Meat prices are going up and up and up. To reach our money management goals, some of us just can’t afford to eat meat every day.

8 Cheap and Easy Campfire Meals

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and take your children camping. Depending on where you go, you can camp for free and all you’ll

5 Ways to Make Money During College

During college, money’s tight. You might be living off of ramen and bananas. You have to pay for classes, amenities, food, school supplies, textbooks… and somehow

7 Natural Hygiene Products You Can Make At Home

We all do our best to provide our families with products that won’t harm them. Cooking healthy meals and promoting an active lifestyle will help you

Patriotic DIY’s That Are Perfect for the 4th of July

The 4th of July is just around the corner, but are you ready? Spice up your home with these festive and adorable DIY decorations this Fourth. Whether

Snack Smart This Summer

Ah, summer. The kids are back from school, there’s spare time aplenty, hot weather aplenty, and snacking galore. As temperatures rise, people generally want to eat less

Budgeting 101 (Part III)

So we’ve been talking about how to manage your money, and how a budget can help. We’ve covered the essentials of budgeting, and we covered a

The Best Inexpensive Two Ingredient Desserts

Your short on time and money, but you are craving something sweet. Well you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a delicious dessert. In

Tips to Throwing the Perfect Yard Sale

So you need to make some extra cash? Why not throw a yard sale. Yard sales are a great way to clean out your house and

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Vacation on a Budget

If you think that a beach vacation is completely out of your budget, you’d be wrong. Beach vacations can be one of the cheaper vacations that