When Should You Buy Certain Items During the Year?

There’s hundreds of ways to save money on what you buy for yourself and your home. You can go sales-hopping, clip coupons, go through garage sales and second-hand stores, shop online, buy in bulk… you name it, we’ve covered it! But, there’s one more trick that every shopper knows: when to buy the item you’re looking for.

The time of year will greatly vary how much your desired item is going for. Certain times of the year, things might be in season. After that, it’s going to be easy to buy them because retailers want them off the shelves.

With a bit of planning and a little bit of know-how, you can shop like a pro and have the perfect timing the whole year ’round. So, here’s a guide on what the best times are to tick off your wishlist throughout the year.


  • Cold-Weather Clothing: by now, most people have already bought their coats, sweaters, mittens, and scarves. Now is the best time to nab those items off their shelves at record-low prices.
  • Air Conditioners: It’s the off-season for these items, definitely, and you don’t need to buy this year’s top model for the machine to do it’s job. Pick up an air-conditioner in January. They’ll be a lot less expensive.
  • Video Games: The holiday seasons has just ended. Video games come out just in time for it, and by now, they’ll all be on sale. So, if you can, wait to buy that newest edition of Dark Souls or Fallout until January!


  • Broadway Tickets: February’s a slow season for Broadway. All of the less popular shows will be showing, so if you’re in the area, buy tickets then and go and see a show in the off-season.
  • Cellphones: weirdly enough, cellphones go on sale during Valentine’s Day. It’s a good time to upgrade if you’re looking to.


  • Chocolate: Valentine’s is over. All of the chocolate is going to be majorly marked down… often to up to 90% off. If you can deal with it looking like it belongs with a card addressed to your one true love, you can score some major savings, here.
  • Luggage: March is nestled between the two major vacation seasons. If you’re planning a trip in the summer, buy your luggage in March.


  • Running Shoes: there’s tons of spring sales on running shoes. People are just now getting back into working out to get that “beach body”, so now is a great time to snag a good deal on some more expensive shoes!


  • Mattresses: Spring offers a lot of reduced prices for mattresses. If you’re looking to replace yours, buy one now.
  • Office Furniture: A lot of home business start up right after taxes are due. Past that date, you can find good deals on office furniture and supplies.


  • Gym Memberships: By now, the faint-of-heart have quit their workout goals and stopped going to the gym. It’ll be fairly empty. Some tumbleweeds will blow through. Now’s the time to swoop in and get that gym membership at a reduced price.
  • Tools: make use of the Father’s Day sale and pick up some tools!


  • Computers: back-to-school season prices are starting to come around, and a lot of newer models are released in this month, so if you’re okay with picking up an older model, it’ll probably be on sale.
  • Video Games: The Steam Summer sale starts now. Need I say more?


  • Swimsuits: the best discount on swimwear will be at the end of summer, when nobody is looking for them.
  • School and Office Supplies: back-to-school prices will be in full swing at this point. Now’s the perfect time to stock up.


  • Holiday Airfare: it’s time to pick up tickets if you’re planning to fly anywhere for Christmas. The prices will be lowest now.
  • Cars: New cars come out in the summer, which means you can save on last year’s models now. Salesmen will want them off the lot.


  • Outdoor Furniture: It’s getting cold outside. Stores will want to get the patio furniture and decorations off their shelves. So, buy them now.


  • Televisions and Electronics: Black Friday. That’s all.


  • Champagne: prices will plummet in December. The demand for it will be so high around Christmastime that all the companies will be trying to compete with each other! So stock up.