Low-Cost Indoor Workout Options that Don’t Require a Gym

The weather’s turning colder, and I don’t know about you, but my motivation to work out always plummets during the winter. Whether that’s because it’s too cold to run outside, or because I can cover up my less-than-toned body because the temperatures are dropping, I’m not sure. Besides the motivation factor…gym memberships are expensive, and more people sign up for them in the winter because it’s too cold to do cardio outside. But, what if there was another option?

Thankfully, there are many. Here’s a couple of no-gym workouts that you can do in your warm living room that can be used in any combination to keep in shape this winter.


HIIT is becoming extremely popular. It stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”, and the idea of it is to get in a quick, extremely intense workout that builds muscle and builds your cardiovascular strength using bodyweight exercises. It’s a great option to get started on, and there are many sites that offer easy-to-follow, no-equipment workout videos that can be adjusted for any skill level. Workouts generally last 12-30 minutes, so it’s great if you have an on-the-go, busy lifestyle. The best part? You don’t need a gym or any equipment, saving you tons of money.


Okay, so you might need to put a little money into this one, but the small investment you spend on a kettlebell set is a great alternative to laying down hundreds of dollars for an expensive gym membership every month. The average kettlebell set can cost you as low as $45, and there are hundreds of free workout, how-to training videos online to get you started. Just make sure you work out in front of a mirror so you can check your form. Kettlebells are a full-body workout that’s sure to build strength, especially in your core.


This has been a popular one for years. You don’t need to invest in anything other than a yoga mat to get started. The least expensive ones will cost you no more than $15. A lot of people think yoga is the ‘easy’ way out, but that couldn’t be father from the truth. Yoga, when practiced correctly, is a full-body workout that involves a combination of incredible strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. It looks easy, but when you actually get into it, it can be a very challenging experience.

There are plenty of yoga videos and tips and tricks online for free, both on Youtube and personal blogs. All you need to get started is a yoga mat and, preferably, a mirror to check your form in.


Pilates, like yoga, is often seen as an ‘easy workout’, but it’s not. Pilates focuses on small, controlled movements, and also requires a great deal of strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, and focus. It’s focused on building core strength, but it’s also a great upper-body and lower-body workout as well. You can easily find Pilates instructions and videos online, both on Youtube and elsewhere, and all you need to get started is an inexpensive yoga mat.

HIIT, kettlebells, yoga, and Pilates all workout different parts of your body. Some are full-body workouts. You can use them in any combination, or just focus on one discipline, and you’re sure to save money and stay in shape this winter.