• Albertsons Round Up Starts Wednesday 1/30! Free Paper Towels!!


    Round Up 1-30 (1)round_upWondering when the next Albertsons Round Up will be?  Well I have good news, the next Albertsons Round up is January 30th-February 5th!

    The rules:

    All week long coupons $.24 and under are redeemed at 4x face value.  Coupons$.25-$.99 are rounded up to $1.  Coupons $1 and over are redeemed at face value.

    Here are a few deals to look forward too:

    Bounty Paper Towels $1.00
    Use $0.25/1 coupon from PG 12/30 (expires 1/31)
    Use $0.25/1 coupon from PG 1/27
    Final Price: Free

    Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.99
    $0.55/2 from SS 1/20
    Final Price: $1.49 each after round up

    Challenge Butter $2.50
    $0.35/1 coupon
    Final Price: $1.50

    Nabisco Crackers $1.99
    $0.75/2 coupon from SS 1/6
    Final Price: $1.49 each after round up

    Tyson Grilled and Ready Chicken $2.00
    $0.55/1 coupon from SS 1/6
    Final Price: $1.00 after round up

    Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies $2.99
    Buy One, Get One Free
    $0.50/1 coupon from SS 1/13
    Final Price: $0.50 each after round up

    Buy 10 Participating Items, Save $5.00 Instantly Sale (listing only a few highlights, must buy 10 items to get final price)

    Best Foods Mayonnaise $3.49
    $0.40/1 coupon from RP 1/27
    Final Price: $1.99 after round up

    Ritz Crackers $2.49
    $0.75/2 coupon from SS 1/6
    Final Price: $1.49 after round up

    Chips Ahoy Cookies $2.49
    $0.75/2 coupon from SS 1/6
    Final Price: $1.49 after round up

    Wish Bone Salad Dressing $1.99
    $0.50/1 coupon from RP 1/27, regional
    Final Price: $0.49 after round up

    Pace Salsa $1.99
    $0.60/2 coupon from SS 1/27
    Final Price: $0.99 after round up

    Don’t forget right now we have Albertsons Twice the Value Coupons through Tuesday!  You can check out those deals here


    If you want some help finding the lower value coupons, be sure to check out the Coupon Connections Database - you can sort by value amount!  It rocks, and it’s free!

    Big thanks to Ula for the list of deals and heads up!

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    23 Responses to “Albertsons Round Up Starts Wednesday 1/30! Free Paper Towels!!”

    1. Evonne says:

      Wouldn’t the kraft shredded cheese be $0.99 after the roundup?

    2. lena says:

      is this valid in california too? (san diego) we usually have doublers (which i haven’t seen in a while) so if this is so, this is great! i live right down the street from one!!!!! :D

    3. Valerie says:

      This is the link I found for the Real California $.35/1 coupon. The above link did not work for me:(?

      • Valerie says:

        P.S. I also hear that French’s regular mustard will be $.99 on sale. For those people who received the $.30/1 coupon in the 1/20 SS, it will be free:)

      • Mary H says:

        Valerie, thanks for the link. Just noticed that the expiration date on this coupon is 2014.

    4. Lisa says:

      Also, wouldn’t the Nabisco crackers be $0.99 after the roundup?

      • belle says:

        Nabisco crackers came to $1.49 when I bought this morning. Sale price of $2.49, instant savings brings it down to $1.99 then round up 75/2 to take the additional 50 cents of.

    5. Cassie says:

      I think the ritz crackers and chips ahoy would be 1.99 each because the coupon is when you buy 2. I don’t think you get a dollar off each one but a dollar off 2 but math isn’t my strong subject…

    6. Lynn says:

      Question here as I can’t remember. Iif your coupon is rounded up to $1.00 and the item you are buying is less than, do we get to apply the overage to the rest of our items? I know my Albertson’s did this but don’t know if there are any rules on this. Thanks:-)

    7. ariana says:

      At all my stores (4 around my area) if the coupon is over the price of the item your buying the computer automaticly reduce the coupon to the price of the item, this is been happening since last wensday and one of the stores alouds 3 transactions per day with doubles, and no more than 4 equal coupons per day, the computer did not acepted more than 4, do anybody Knows what is going on???????????????

      • ariana says:

        PS. even if the coupon do not state any limit of cuantity of coupons per transaction or per day the computer rejects all coupons after the 4th one of equal coupons.

      • Nope, the computer will automatically only round it up to make it free. No overage from the round-up.

      • Chris says:

        My store will allow the overage as long as the overage is NOT the result of doubling or rounding. So if you have $1/1 coupon for a .75 item, they will credit you .25. If you have a .50 coupon for a .75 item during round up, they will not give you the .25 overage from rounding.

        I believe the reason for the computer rejecting them after 4 coupons is that so many coupons now have that restriction on them. I believe it is just to help the stores comply with the common restriction. Otherwise cashiers would spend too much time reading the fine print on all the coupons. But most stores are good at allowing an unlimited number of separate transactions in a day, so while it is kind of a pain, it can be done.

    8. Billie Jo says:

      Couple questions about pre-ordering.. is there a certain amount that you should be requesting when you pre-order? Is calling for 8 ok? Also, like with the bounty deal, the coupons say only 4 is there any way to pre order and be able to get more then 4? My store is ALWAYS sold out when round ups happen. Any help would be great, thanks!

    9. Heather says:

      I have ordered Bounty Paper towels the last two round ups and it was a disaster. Any tricks or tips would be great.

      They wouldn’t get my order in till after the round up was over…

    10. Samantha says:

      Billie Joe : I don’t know on pre ordering that little. Mine is kind if sticklers unless over 20 of the same item.

      Heather : I know we get trucks on Wednesday, Fridays, and Sundays. I always pre order on the Monday before the round up so we have 3 trucks for it to possibly be on. I’ve only had one time that my pre order NEVER showed up. For the most part it always shows up. Also become chummy with the ordering manager so when doublers come out you can pre order on the Tuesday before. That insures they will arrive on the truck for me the Friday before doublers. I then go in on Friday morning and check to see if my shipment came in and make sure they clearly label it as, “CUSTOMER HOLD TILL SUNDAY” and I go back on Sunday at 6am when they open to guarantee it being there. Hope this helps. My friends and I usually get 20 of everything we find at free or stock up prices. So when we place our order we do it together and once I’ve checked with them I order 60 or more of that quantity. It helps cause then there’s not multiple holds.

    11. Billie Jo says:

      How can you order 20 of them and buy them when coupons say only 4 per day like the bounty coupon?

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