• Albertsons Grocery Coupon Deals: 2/8 | Lot’s of Stock Up Deals!

    Albertsons frugal living Groceries

    Albertsons Weekly Coupons Deals Week 2/8-2/14

    You may only use one manufactures coupon per item. All coupon options are listed

    Great resources to use:

    Northwest Coupon Database to see if you received the coupon

    Current Catalina List

    Albertsons Coupon Policy

    We are getting Twice the Value coupons this week to use Sun-Tues 2/12-2/14!

    Quick run down:

    • 3 Twice the Value Coupons Per transaction
    • You can double any manufactures coupon $1.00 or less for the same value (not to exceed value of product)
    • Limit 3 back to back transactions

    Vlog: How to use Twice the Value Coupons at Albertsons

    Meat Dept
    3 Day Sale
    The More You Shop the More You Save Promo
    General Mills Free Milk Promo
    Other Weekly Deals

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    75 Responses to “Albertsons Grocery Coupon Deals: 2/8 | Lot’s of Stock Up Deals!”

    1. Kristin says:

      Is the $2.50 coupon off President cheese gone? I only found one for $1.

    2. Shannon says:

      I cannot seem to figure out how to get the Kraft mayo/miracle whip coupon. Is it still available?

    3. DeAnna says:

      Thanks! I can’t figure out how to get the SOLO coupon….help!

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    5. Elvia says:

      I tried to get the Mayo coupon but do you have to be in the military to get it?

    6. Kayla says:

      Wouldn’t the Catalina’s in the “more you shop” promo be store coupons since it’s not a manufacturer putting them out? In which case, you wouldn’t be able to double them. Not trying to be a downer, just wondered about this. :)

      • Taye says:

        Hi Kayla,

        No, we are using store coups for the more you shop promo, so doubles can definitely be used. The CATs will print out at the end of your transaction good towards your next purchase. I believe the CATs are manufacturer coups anyways from General Mills.

        • Tina says:

          at the top of the catalinas it says either “manufacturer coupon” or “store coupon”. You can double the manufacturer coupons…this is an awesome thing because you can us it on items your already buying or maybe on a needed item thats not on sale! You may also use a manufacture coupon/doubled with a catalina/doubled on the same item!!

          • Tina says:

            my apologies…I should have read farther down before responding, I did not realize but you can only use 1 doubler per item, because its a store coupon to.

      • Amber says:

        Kayla- These promotions vary sometimes the catalina is a store coupon and sometimes the catalina is a manufacturers coupon. IF it is a manufacturers coupon you can then double during your next transaction ;)

    7. Autumn says:

      Can we use a store coupon, manuf coupon and a double? I thought I remembered reading somewhere that some stores say yes and some say no?
      Thank you

      • Taye says:

        Hi Autumn,

        The doublers are store coupons and you can only use 1 store and 1 man. coup per item.

      • Rachyl says:

        You can use a store and manuf coupon and a doubler all on one item, but you can only double the manuf coupon (not the store coupon). If you think you might have a problem with the cashier which you shouldn’t) make sure you bring a copy of the coupon policy with you.

        • Pam says:

          Actually, the policy says one store coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per item. The double coupon is a store coupon and technically should not be used in the same transaction as another store coupon. I realize some cashiers do allow this but it is not policy.

        • Jenn says:

          Agreeing with Pam. The coupon policy specifically says that you may use one MFR and one Store Coupon per item. Albertsons clarified in their latest update that the Doubler IS to be considered a Store Coupon and so it cannot be used to double a MRF coupon on an item that you are also using another Store Coupon for. Happy to help!

        • Taye says:

          If you used all three towards 1 item- you would technically be using 2 store coups and 1 man. coup for 1 item. Policy states 1 store and 1 man. per item. The buy more and save promo is not considered a store coupon- its a promotion that will print out CATs at the end of your transaction.

          For the store coupons on the front of the ad for the 3 day sale; these cannot be used with TTV coups because they are both considered store coupons.

    8. Carrie says:

      Yes you can. The double will only go with the manu coupon though. You can not use a double for a store coupon.

      • Sarah M says:

        I thought the TTV counted as a store coupon so you could not use a TTV, manu, and a store…

        • Taye says:

          You are correct Sarah. The TTV is a store coupon. 1 store and 1 man. coupon per item. If you were to use a TTV, man., and store coupons on 1 item- this would be against policy because it would be rendering 2 store coupons and 1 man. coupon.

          • Jo says:

            I think what some of us are trying to say is- use your manuf. coupon + your TTV, then on your next transaction you can double the catalina on any item you aren’t already using a coupon for. For example, I use all my MF coupons + TTV coupons, then I save all the catalinas and double them on things like produce and meat, that I don’t have other coupons for. Thus making all your $1 catalinas- $2 catalinas.

            Hope that makes sense.

      • Amber says:

        Here is my Vlog Video on the rules for albies and doubles. I think it is very helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tdQaOHJKwE&context=C39d91ebADOEgsToPDskLhRufcejhdvgIeHR-rJ8AF

        Now this deal here:
        Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage 12 oz, select varieties – $1.99
        With in-ad coupon, limit 4
        $1/2 Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage Links or Patties, exp. 4/30/12 (SS 02/05/12)
        $1/2 Johnsonville Sausage, exp. 4/2/12 (SS 01/22/12)
        Final Price: $1.49 each wyb 2

        You CANNOT use a double on the manufactures coupon UNLESS you don’t want to use the in ad coupon. Otherwise you are using 2 store coupons :) Hope that helps :)

        As for the catalina promotion. The catalina coupons are given after your purchase so you can then double those IF they are manufacturers coupons :)

    9. Anne says:

      I must be blind. I don’t see brawny towels in my ad.

      • Sheryl says:

        I think that is regular price for Brawny and not in ad. Two free with doubler. Wish I would have saved mine.

        • Jenn says:

          The Brawny price is listed in small print under the Quilted Northern.

          Sheryl, you can’t use the doubler to get 2 free paper towels. Albertsons clarified their coupon policy to say that doubling a coupon cannot reduce the price below zero on an item (so no overage using doublers.) So 1 coupon, 1 free, not 2. :(

    10. Crystal says:

      Good Earth Tea printed 1.50 off 2

    11. KelleyS says:

      Can’t find the mayo coupon either :(

    12. Megan Johnson says:

      So it’s ok to use the $1.10 off peanut butter cheerios on a box of regular kind? Just want to make sure I understand!

      • Amber says:

        No. We listed all the coupons available because we didn’t know what varieties were included. So you can only use a coupon on what the manufacturers says it’s intended for. HTH :)

        • Stephanie says:

          I noticed that the list of cereal coupons available have been updated…thank you for that. I printed all the $1/1 PB Cheerios I could thinking they were part of the sale and was very disappointed when I went to the store. I really appreciate all your match ups!

    13. Carrie says:

      Megan – no it isnt okay to use the coupon for peanut butter cheerios on the regular kind. But if they PB kind are included you can use it on that for sure!

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    15. nicole says:

      there is a .35/1 coupon for duncan hines cake mix in 2/5 ss if double , would make the cake mix 18 cents each !

      • Heather says:

        You can’t double the 35 cent coupon if you are also using the in store coupon that makes them 88 cents. Either double the 35 cent coupon or use the 88 cent instore coupon and one 35 cent coupon making them 53 cents. You can only use one store coupon and on manu coupon. The ttv is considered a store coupon. HTH. :)

    16. Rhonda says:

      Can’t seem to get the B1G1free Kraft to pull up.
      Match this deal with the tear pad ‘free produce wyb2 dressings makes this even a better deal.

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    18. Taye says:

      Solo cups & plates are $0.50 with doubles after CAT. Planters nutrition bars will be free with doubles using the $1/1 planters nutrition product coup. Get your preorders in ladies!

    19. carrie says:

      Does anyone know if I get a catalina in the first transaction (for example $1 on Rice a Roni) can I use it in the second transaction for the same item and get another CAT? I guess this is called “rolling”.


      Trans 1: Buy 5 Rice A Roni get $1 CAT
      Trans 2: Buy 5 Rice A Roni; use $1 CAT from trans 1 and still get $1 CAT

      • Jo says:

        Yes Carrie, rolling CATs works at Albertsons- your CATs for each transaction should always print out regardless if you use the CAT from your previous transaction (Not like Walgreens RR). My cashier does this automatically after the first transaction takes place.

    20. Julie Crain says:

      Just for your info. There was a Johnsonville Sausage coupon in the 2/5/12 of SS for 1/$.75.

    21. Danielle says:

      How do you pre order if you are using three doublers only at a time?

      • Taye says:

        Hi Danielle,

        You can call your Albertsons and ask to preorder your items. You will just ring them up with transactions using 3 TTV coups at a time. You preorder 21 items and want to use 21 coups + 21 TTV coups = 7 transactions.

        • Danielle says:

          Hi Taye,
          I thought we were only allowed to do 3 transactions of 3, how can I pre-order then do 7 transactions? I want to do that. I just don’t want to look stupid trying to do wrong.

          • Taye says:

            Standard Albertsons TTV policy is 3 transactions of doubles at a time. After your third transaction- you can get right back in line to do 3 more transactions. Repeat the process until you are finished shopping. You may have to unload and get right back to shopping.

            Note- all stores vary.. some cashiers will do more than 3 transactions in a row. Just ask, never hurts. Hope this helps.

          • Amber says:

            You pre order and then break up the order and purchase in 7 transactions

    22. Danielle says:

      So we Can double the catalina’s????

      • Taye says:

        Hi Danielle,

        Yes, you can double a CAT as long as it is a manufacturer catalina. Most are, but sometimes there are store catalinas.

    23. Taye says:

      The yoplait w/granola has a $.75/1 coup out. These are included in the buy more save more.

      Yoplait multipack- $2
      Buy 3, Get a $1 CAT
      Use (3) $.75/1 Yoplait w/granola coupons
      Use (3) TTV coupons
      = $.17 Each after coupons and CAT- Def stock up price!

      Westcoastcouponclipping.com has these available and are local (fast shipping) if anyone is in need- they are also printing out at couponnetwork.com and smartsource.com.

      • Taye says:

        The Frosted Toast Crunch cereals are included in the GM promo- print your $1/1 & $.75/1 coups before they are gone. (only regular Cheerios included in sale- yellow box).

        Frosted Toast Crunch- $2.50
        Buy 4
        Use (4) $1/1 coupons
        Use (3) TTV coupons
        = $.25 each after coupons and CAT + FREE MILK!

    24. Erica says:

      Hi Amber and followera! Wanted to share a great printable I just found on Smartsource.com for 1$ off any 2 C&H products. Paired with the in-ad coupon that makes 4Lb bags only 1.50$!! :)

    25. Laddie says:

      Did I totally miss something?…I don’t have the Tyson grilled chicken coupon or the La Victoria from the 1/8/12…did the TNT not get that?

    26. Brie says:

      I am confused! Which coupons/scenario are being used to get the GM cereal all free?? Same question with the fruit snacks for .90/ box. Lowest I could get them down to was .25/box for cereal and 1.12/box for the fruit snacks, counting the value of the catalina.
      Help?! Thanks!!

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    28. Danielle says:

      Hi Taye,
      I thought we were only allowed to do 3 transactions of 3, how can I pre-order then do 7 transactions? I want to do that. I just don’t want to look stupid trying to do wrong.

      • Theresa says:

        You will have to do 3, take to car, then do 3 more…unless you talk to the manager about doing them all at once IF you go at a time when the store is not busy.

    29. Narissa says:

      Can I use my manufacturers coupon and then pay with a doubled cat?

      So welch’s juice $3.00

      Use $1/1 manuf. Q
      Use $1cat from previous transaction
      And doubler
      = free ??

    30. afton says:

      Would this work

      Buy two Tyson Grillers
      use (2) 1/1 coupons
      use (2) doublers
      use one, 1 dollar cat and double it
      = free

    31. Kristina H. says:

      The one dollar cat on the tortillas are printing as a store coupon and the one dollar cats on the mccorcicks are printing as a manufacturers coupon. anyone else know about the others?

    32. Liz says:

      I know I’m coming late to this, but I can’t see any of the deals listed on this thread. There is usually a link that says show all deals but there isn’t one here. Am I missing something?

    33. Heather says:

      I didn’t get my CATs on the emerald to go or the kettle chips.


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